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Thread: Costume crafting guide

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    Hi I have been trying to re roll costume stats at the higher end for as long time and was not aware of any of this. @Trion can we please get official conformation that this is in fact how it all works please! As I am sure a lot of players including myself have sunk a lot of gold into these costumes to what according to this post should have not be re rolls but in fact a new costume.
    In which case myself and am sure a lot of other players would be upset that this information is not clearly detailed in game or easily available to us. If however I am wrong in this fact someone please point me towards a post that is recent that says otherwise.

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    Hello. 2 things
    A) People keep requesting modification of original document. Just click File - Create copy. That is all that you need to do
    B) No, its not written anywhere, it is gained from my exprience, I am 99.99% certain about info I put down. As for compensation, never will ever happen

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    Is undergarments for 200 gilda stars still available somewhere these days?

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