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Thread: Costume crafting guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doompony View Post
    Average costumes:
    Full tank
    (for example Pdef / Hp / Recieved dmg / Recieved heal / Resilence, you leave resilence for last, since its highest stat, therefore higher chance to roll @ legendary)
    Just wanna to know ur opinion bout the tank stat, why received healing? or it just example, I was alredy going for pdef/hp/received dmg/resilience and thinking receive melee or magic depending of the main dmg of enemy.

    And also, do you have full number of the stat at eternal grade 100% ? thanks for the post, already got my perfect tank stat undergarment using ur and making my costume atm

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    There are 3 ways to go with a tank costume
    One way I went on my EU main - Pdef/Hp/Recieved dmg / Recieved melee / Recieved magic, this worked perfect for me since I stacked recieved dmg stat completely unbuffed no statue 27.6%
    Other way is to go was like my NA main - Pdef/Hp/Recieved dmg / Resil/Toughness, worked great aswell since I lacked healing and it was perfect for solo survival (again stacked recieved dmg), but was lacking hero gems / 7/7 chest gems so it was compensating for it.
    Third way is health-return / healing sustain builds, which include health return passives etc / recieved healing on chest/costume/cloak, but I personally prefer first one
    I can look up my costume stats somewhere, sadly they are destroyed

    Edit: update, I forgot I have a request for eternal costume & undies, so yeah, I will 100% post those stats tonight/tomorrow, depending how it works out with crafting

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    There are mistakes in stat description (in-game)

    For example costume cast time I can get @ heroic. In-game it shows @ celestial.
    There are no backstab melee/ranged on magic/healing costumes and other changes

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    Undergarment stats @ eternal 100%

    Defense x2 different - 723
    Max Health - 930
    Backstab Damage - 7.9%
    Attack - 21.8
    Resilience - 824
    Focus - 660
    Toughness 373
    Defense penetration x2 different - 522
    Recieved Magic Damage - 6.7%
    Recieved Melee Damage - 6.7%
    Recieved Ranged Damage - 6.7%
    Shield defense penetration rate 12% (this stat only works with 2h!)
    Skill dmg x4 different - 3.8%
    Crit rate x4 different - 4.8%

    Max health - 1550
    Defense x2 different - 1210
    Move speed - 5%
    Stealth detection - 28%
    PvE Skills - 7.4%
    Backstab dmg - 8.2%
    Recieved dmg (universal) - 3.8%
    PvE Damage Reduction - 5.1%
    (there are some "fake stats", dont mix with "fake news", such as pve dmg for other types / backstabs in list)
    Attack - 47.5
    Recieved Healing 11%
    Focus - 960
    Toughness - 295
    Melee parry rate - 3.5%
    Shield block rate - 2.8%
    Resilience - 910%
    Evasion - 3.5%
    Cast Time - 4.6% (fake stat in stat order, comes @ heroic with recieved healing)
    Defense Penetration x2 different 755
    Recieved Magic Damage - 3.1%
    Recieved Melee Damage - 3.1%
    Recieved Ranged Damage - 3.1%
    Critical damage - 11.8%
    Skill dmg X4 - 3.6%
    Other attack stats - 47.5 (not on name of costume)
    Crit rate - 5.4%

    As you can see costume stats are higher.

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    thnx doom

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    thank you very much ! a great guide
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    Great guide!

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    As Doom said, the stats on costumes are generally higher than the once you get from undergarments, but i just wanted to point out 1 exception.

    Recieved Magic Damage - 6.7%
    Recieved Melee Damage - 6.7%
    Recieved Ranged Damage - 6.7%

    Recieved dmg (universal) - 3.8% <-- Priority for costume
    Recieved Magic Damage - 3.1%
    Recieved Melee Damage - 3.1%
    Recieved Ranged Damage - 3.1%
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    Yeah, recieved damage is op on undies, but if you want to stack it, costume universal one is a must.

    Undergarments stats are generally lower except for those, however the difference between two types is not equal

    Ungermanets get 25 attack vs 47.5, but skill dmg / crit rate / def pen /focus are closer than attack for example. So you really need to be careful with deciding 5 stats that you go for.

    There is not nearly enough info about stats on archeage and I see a lot of people building their gear wrong, because they do not know how potent some stats are or just don't even calculate those

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    Updated the spreadsheet a little bit, now it uses charcoal and some minor tweaks with text etc

    Two things I want to say, if you wanna continue updating it, feel free to post better version over here.
    Second, I am not sure who was original author of a calculator for synthium, with drop down menus etc (top left part), but I liked it and kept it in my calculations, though its not necessary.

    Addiotionally now you can do all calculations in bottom left corner aswell. Show profit per labor and other things. Obviously spreadsheet covers all except for rerolls for the costumes.

    Edit prices in D18-34 to see prices for individual stones.
    B38-40 for AH prices.
    C row will show you profits compared to craft costs according to D cost mats, D will show profit per labor.
    Also you can calculate entire cost of legendary costume by editing prices at K20-K23. R17 will show you final price, or add materials that you have and check for price with materials (it subtracts the AH cost of materials you have out of calculation cost).

    Note: if you edit experience/grade of costume, whole thing will break, I didn't have time, nor will I fix it so use it wisely

    Hope that helps!

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