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Thread: Castle rush (Thunderwing specifically)

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    Castle rush (Thunderwing specifically)

    I'm confused as to when castles will be open, as are many on this server. We have a T3 base so the friday thing shouldn't be relevant, but the server time is UTC (and UTC was used the first time as well) and 6pm was 3 hours ago. What time zone is the 6pm siege unlocked?
    Is it EST because that's where the server's actually located and should be?
    Is it the Texas time zone that Trion's in? I've heard tons of speculation because no data has been given...

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    Some patches ago they changed the NA event times to be about 5 hrs later then EU. (eg Lusca/Sea of graves)

    So I would guess it will happen at 11pm UTC. Which is in about 45 mins ?
    There will be serverwide msg when the crafting bench activates, then you probably have some minutes to get in position for auroria land grabbings.

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    Thank you, finally some updated information, was not aware of the changed times

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    Nope, looks like they're not following that trend either

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    Another player nation dominated server, nothing new. Nations will never be balanced.

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