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    Yeah deleting the cache helps, I normally play using default player appearance, I also tried going back to dx11 just in case but nope so went back to dx9. But glad to see there's a few of us attempting different things to find the cause of this bug.

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    Deleting Archage folder in Documents is help for 10 mins, Turn On/Off vertical Sync is help for 5 mins, but the bug is coming back every time. More time playing more lagg on hovaer :/

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    The item lag for me starts about an hour after I log in, every time I log in without fail.

    The way it occurs is interesting though, I only get lag when initially moving my mouse oven an item icon. The game stutters for a few seconds, but if I leave my pointer hovering over that icon, the lag doesn't continue.

    If I then move my mouse to another item icon, it stutters again.

    I think at least part of the problem lies in how the game handles the data retrieval and image generation for the tooltips of the items, since that occurs when you first mouse over an icon; but since it's not a continuous process, the lag goes away until you move to another icon.

    Maybe one solution would be to ask XL to give us a way to disable tooltip generation, and see how that affects it?

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