I am in Tempest server, now the server have 7 nation, I left a feedback few days ago about the amount of packs we need to deliver for 1 cargo pack and it is insane.

Right now and the last nearly 48 hours, in my server the trade posts have 0 packs to purchase for delivery and I check in daily bases the trade post in Two crowns and Cinderstone.

I also noticed the last few days, many reds from other nations (not harani) with 6-7k gear score, guard all trade posts. This may be the reason why all trade posts have 0 cargo packs. It is luck to get 1-2 cargo packs 4-5-6 in the morning.

So this is the result of XL actions and this is a ringing bell for you to notify them, their changes are totally wrong. If red nations/pirates control all land and charcoals, then what left for others..