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Thread: Current state of PvP in Arcehage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canvas View Post
    You are cancerous and using macros is allowed so enjoy your waste of time
    You are wrong. Macros are cheating. But in ArcheAge cheaters always win because Trion is a terrible company that always sides with cheaters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blycee View Post
    I am at the moment just #8 or #7 EU sparring but even when I was top 5 or top 3, I never needed to use macros for such rankingings and I also had in over 1000 matches probably only 2-3 darkrunners where I had the feeling that they use macros.

    It sounds, that you are simply mad because you loose to often?

    Classes, I played oft against in 1000+ matches are something like this in %.

    ~30% Darkrunner
    ~15% abolisher
    ~20% engimatists/daggerspell
    ~10% blighter/hexblade/shadowblade
    ~10% skullkights or other occutism classes
    ~5% div. archer
    ~5% templer/clerics
    rest others.

    Thats something like what I experienced since the sparring arena started.
    40% DR
    40% skullkinght
    20% others class

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