Ive been playing Archeage for a while and hit level 55 recently, I'm not sure on how I want my setup to be but I know I'd like it to have almost all of theses occupations - Sorcery, occultism, witchcraft, shadowplay or vitalism. Which combination of those lists would be the best? And what skills and passives would they have? Would they approach more pvp, pve, healing, etc.? What weapon and armor would be best? (Staff? Sword? Leather armor? Cloth?) If you need more information or have any questions ask away because I have no idea what I'm doing but I may have answers?

(I have played Cultist and currently trying out Spellsinger but I have no idea how that is going to turn out, listing a build with the class too is very useful for me! Sorry for any typos <.<)