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    Muzzy It's Past Pay Day

    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzy View Post
    EU Servers are down for an Unplanned Maintenance (Completed)

    Hello Adventurers,

    The EU servers were taken down for an unplanned maintenance. We apologize for the

    inconvenience and will continue with updates from this post.


    Update 1: We're aiming to have servers up by 9 AM PDT (4 PM UTC).

    Update 2: We'll be granting 5 Gift Coins to all EU players who logged in between the

    25th and the unexpected downtime this morning. This will be delivered by the end of this


    Update 3: EU Servers are back up. Slightly earlier than previously posted.

    It's not 50 Gift Coins, only 5 Gift Coins but it's the principle. We're past the end of last week, go on and mail our characters the Gift Coins. Thank you.

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    I'll check in with the team.

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    considering the Gift shop doesn't have any good rewards
    and its quite cancerous to single click on exisiting rewards

    take your time.

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    I was going to use those coins over the weekend. Mail the coins to our characters.

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