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    Not this Friday, next Friday! Remember, Marketplace updates come approximately every 2 weeks.

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    We know that you guys port the game to us from XL, and translate, and host the servers.

    I think it would be good to highlight the rest of the accomplishments of yourself and the Trion team over the last 6 months. I think we as players lose sight of all you do.

    In question form I would ask: Can you review the highlights of the Trion Production Team over the past 6 months?

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    Has there been any update on getting an account bound item system implemented for NA/EU? @Celestrata stated in this thread ( http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...ransfers/page2 ) from over a year ago that it is a feature that you would like for our region.

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    Have you given any thought as to reducing the amount of proficiency needed per rank? For example: The difference between Magnificent and Epherium is 38000 points, that's a HUGE jump in proficiency needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oyvey View Post
    The only question that matters to the ArcheAge community at large: will there be a FS?

    If yes: when it is coming?
    There are several squeaky wheels about new fresh starts year around but just as many want to know when the Berlin Wall is coming down and Trion will let their people go. I mean when we can transfer from Reckoning and Vengeance to legacy servers and they will finally open up all the marketplace items to us with the Auction House merge.

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    will you add a resale box of legacy's marketplace item to the current fs with addition to the loyalty market so current fs loyalty marketplace will be same as legacy's? i heard the ah will be merged soon, so hoping this was prepared too.

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    want 3.7 or 4.0, why eu/na so behind compared with kr/♥♥♥/china, lots of friends quit game cause boring and same ♥♥♥♥ everyday

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    during the xl visit was there any reason given why crafters/farmers keep getting screwed over and it being called 'improvements'?

    what was in the september update? it got ignored, not even sure there was one.

    when will the system to rotate your house w/o changing it to a different type be implemented? 3 times we have been told it is coming, last time being that it would follow soon after mergers. already to start the complaining about the super high cost to rotate a house!!!

    Any QoL things coming soon, like streamlining the market place, moving the new GT farther out from building so there is more room and less things ♥♥♥♥ing with your camera, etc?

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    There is a bunch of questions i would like to ask:

    1. Would it be possible to import our custom mp3 to the game, and listen to it for example in a Rampage car?
    2. Could you (XL Games) change the way how gliders are used? Particularly, make a cooldown between changing gliders. It's not nice when a player uses 3 gliders to runaway instantly.
    3. Any approximate date (or month) for 4.0 release? And will you merge it with 4.5 updates that are currently live in Korea? Because it won't be worth to make new lunagems while we know they will be simplified next patch. (plus skill changes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzy View Post
    Not this Friday, next Friday! Remember, Marketplace updates come approximately every 2 weeks.
    Amary should push to get the Halloween in that marketplace update as well because it's a Friday the 13th :x purdy pls

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