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    I will be here for extra life stream, assuming its approx. same time as past Archeage live streams. I noticed the hot tub item being available. On the livestream a detailed description of its abilities and benefits would be nice for those of us new to the game (I hear its super cool)

    Also wondering if a single donation to this cause (Extra Life) of $500 would gift such an item to my character in Archeage and how to go about making such a donation (details)
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    it's a simple question why won't you answer that? you kept evading with "we'll announce when we know for sure"
    just answer Yes or No.

    the reason i ask this, because i know the current server i'm playing at will be 100% dead if you do, so i need to know if should i invest more money on my current server.
    i've been holding back for months, and i'm sure lots of people are in the same page as me.

    so again YES or NO ?

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    Any progress on tracking down the missing 5 week tax deposits that were to be a part of the merge? On Sept. 9th it was mentioned that you were aware of the issue and it was being worked on. Thanks

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    with ah merge comming will fs get legacy loyalty items/rng box, like ravenspine wings ?

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    I know the automatic lighting causes a glitch at current and has been disabled. I would still hate to see a feature for land owners like auto lighting disappear making all lighting useless in the game. So instead of reactivating timers, can we just have the option to turn them on permanently via manual activation? Instead of the 1 hour time it would stay on until user turned it off, or server has a maintenance. Trust me. I'm getting real tired of running around turning on all my lights at night. Some of us land owners take pride in our plots.
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    When is there going to be new content coming out? The only real new content out has been Mist Song Summit. Yah we had 2 new zones added but they were mostly empty and had 1 event. When are we going to get new dungeons, stuff to do as a group. Right now, most of the open world has been locked down by PN, so you have to start adding stuff that the rest of the server can partake some how.

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