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Thread: (Aranzeb) - [West] Road Warriors Guild Recruiting

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    (Aranzeb) - [West] Road Warriors Guild Recruiting

    About Us: Road warriors is a guild that is all about trading and crafting, from the farmers to the merchant's everyone makes money. Big Ahnimar pack runs. Active guild.

    Guild Type: Crafting, PvE, Trading.

    Level Requirements: All levels welcome.

    Please send an in-game mail to Sweetcheeks or Enigmatic for a guild invite.

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    Junior Member sinisterglitch's Avatar
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    Jan 2017
    mountain of lust
    hello may i join?

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    we are accepting new recruits

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    Senior Member DrKJonz's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    If you wish, I have a brand new character named Aelphie on the server who needs a guild! Feel free to throw her an invite!

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