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Thread: How is it on Retribution?

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    Well well.... haranya is still alive in Eanna.

    Situation :
    nation > haranya > nuia > pirate (well nuia & pirate are dead).
    Haranya has castle.
    Haranya wins halcyo and most mm (fight I mean)
    Haranya is not able to do abyssal but we often successfully deny nation to do packs.
    Nation does kraken.
    Nation does most dgs (but at 30 is it really worth ?). However we usually sneak some each week (after pvp).
    No issue for ws or ae.
    Haranya can regularly bring a 25 men pvp raid the evening to contest nation (not talking about this ♥♥♥♥ ty mm event which brings us zerg at mm). We win, we loose. It depends.

    That's all. Bye.

    And good job for what you are doing in retribution Orio.

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    New player here, 1 month on retribution, haranya side

    All I can say ... haranya is dead. End.

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    if you guys get zerged.. just join the only real number balanced pvp which is arena (especially gladiators). It is btw also the only one which really counts and offers a kind of a strength measurement.
    Anyway you guys have alexander who will (only if buffed&potting) win 100% now. Besides of him there should be a big bunch of players in a close range to have fun.
    There is no pvp ingame what has more impact on self-confidence/adrenalin thrustes confirming the efficiency of everyones gear/build-concept.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orio View Post
    Sounds reliable from a dude who made account JUST TODAY
    So the fact that I never ventured on the forums that gives you ground to call something unreliable?

    From my perspective what I brought forward and seeing your reaction it only emphasises how desperate you are to get the validation of your point across and you try to cover that up with the need to throw cheap replies or short oneliners at people, so you don't have to bother with a proper answer.

    Everyone knows what state harany is in, it's become a playing ground of free roaming and pack moving pirates and nuians. They don't even hide anymore.

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