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Thread: Auroria Alliance - Recruitment activated !

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    Lightbulb Auroria Alliance - Recruitment activated !

    Hello everybody !

    It has been a while since our last recruitment post here, but the ''Auroria Alliance" (from Eanna) is recruiting again actively ! Join the longest-lasting EU Nation to date !

    We are a group of players from a great variety of nationalities (about 20 nationalities today), whose aim is to progress in Archeage, by completing all the end-game content available*. As a player nation, most of our activities are focused on PvP activities, although we enjoy occasionally and/or according to our players needs doing other content.

    Our server recently regained a lot of activity with the emergency of a new nation, that try to contests our domination on the server on a daily basis. This gives us a lot of PvP opportunities around each of the major event/bosses of the game each day.

    Our activities*: Worldbosses, Open PvP, Arena, castle siege, and all end-game activities.

    Additionally, in opposition to many, we intend to keep an healthy and respectful community and server. As such, we commit to a salt-free, non-toxic attitude towards our opponents and competitors, as well as restraining ourselves to oppress the other guild/nations of the server. We still believe in respect and integrity and do our best to enforce it both in our nation and on the server.

    Even if sometimes we are recruiting single players, we think that it is even easier to recruit small groups of players. They are even easier to be integrated into the structure, as they will play directly with their friends. So, alone or with friends, if you are ambitious and motivated, just contact us.

    To shorten it up, you are invested in the game, you are level 55, more than 7000 GS (exception possible for very motivated players) and you want to PvP&PvE with an organized and prepared team for this, then our Nation might very well suit your needs.

    Contacts :

    - Kyoscrub (Nation Lead - StandBy GM) both on MP, in-game mail or Discord@Kyo#0528
    - Konata (StandBy GM) in-game mail or Discord@Konata#9536
    - Tanza (TryHard GM) in-game mail

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    +up updated GS requirements & server situation
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