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Thread: You guys are doing a BAD job when it comes about motivating people to play AA

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    You guys are doing a BAD job when it comes about motivating people to play AA

    I didn't open this thread to whine or to complain. I really liked this game for some reason, but after merge things went downhill.
    You guys (probably) wanted to make some economy on servers but in the end you will get even more people leaving AA. Again, I am not whining of tough life, but try putting yourselves in the shoes of a casual AA player:
    - On Sirothe, I had 2x 28x28, 4x 24x24, two aquafarms and another 16x16. On two accounts.
    On the day of merge I had work to do (yes, there are people who work on weekends, you know...). The next day, Sunday, all day long I couldn't login, the server was off.
    Monday... everything is over-crowded.
    As result, I end up with an 8x8 on Retribution, without any way to sustain the income I had before merge.
    Question: HOW did you plan to keep people interested in the game? I am just curious? People like me are hundreds if not thousands.
    What I am doing now is login from time to time to find everything is claimed and leave again.
    What a nice merge - splendid!
    Even though it saddens me... I will have to quit AA for another sandbox if things aren't improved soonish. (and no, migrations tokens WERE A BAD solution for people who got a lot of stuff in their storages on different properties!)

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    Well Hello.

    On SUNDAY was server ONLINE. There was no issue with it.

    There was quite enough space for two weeks after the merge, some of the space went free after Auroria was released - some properties moved there. Right now, few landgrabbed farms are about to collapse if you are interested in getting land.

    Right now, there are still free spots, you just have to look for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orio View Post
    Right now, there are still free spots, you just have to look for them.
    yes there is, maybe not premium spot but there is free land on Retribution atm.

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    They truly are.
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    I was on vacation during merge. When I came back I still managed to get land. There has always been land, even without having to buy it. If you don't put enough effort to it and give up after doing 2-3 rounds of searching, it is not our fault you didn't find land. Just don't be so picky and accept that certain areas are popular and settle somewhere else.

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