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Thread: Need info on the population

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    Need info on the population

    How are the events like Mistmerrow, Halcyona, CRs, GRs?
    I tried the Prophecy server and ended up going to Mistmerrow to find only 5 guys in there.... Same goes to GR and CR rifts with only 15 people...

    Any info would be much appreciated, thanks

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    Normally, 1st raid for CR/GR is crowded (if you don't +++ few in-game hours in advance - you got no place).
    In weekends, there are literally 2x Raids (e.g. 100 people).
    Many simply dont show up because its so crowded, picking a more... calm time for GR (> 11:00 PM or so).
    Hope I provided enough info.

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    I will tell you this the server is super busy crowded we all nice peeps but just so hard to get into some raids if your late by a few minutes forget it. Even now finding a space to build is becoming harder to do so its a busy server and raids are usually packed but its the best place to play this game..

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