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    Questions from me:

    1) Can we please get these decor items in the Marketplace in the next rotation?

    2) Can you grab Quillodon and confirm if the Great White Shark fishing trophy exist?

    3) Can Trion please spotlight this great article from Doompony about Costume Crafting? Also do award Doompony with the Creators title and freebies for the hard work in putting together the helpful article.

    4) @Celestrata, could you provide more sneak peaks on the elemental costumes that you have gotten us hyped about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayaa View Post
    1) When will Fresh Start be allowed to transfer, and what is the reason for the massive delay? The current FS servers are leagues beyond what the last set were at in terms of gear and our AH is already linked so our economy is irrelevant.
    This was answered in a prior livestream. It breaks down to the tech used to make the wall that kept the FS servers separated in the first place. So unlike just restricting transfers as previously done, they have to disassemble the wall that kept people from having characters on both FS and legacy servers on the same account. This feat will take time and has delayed the opening of FS to Legacy transfers past what seems to be when they wanted it open, which was when the AHs were merged.

    On the bright side, if they have the same requirement for the next FS round (a new account) then it will go smoother the following year when it can join the legacy servers because they'll have a procedure for it.
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    1. Where are the weekly events? Like 2x XP/honor/drop, etc? Every other MMO i've played had some mini events on weekends to attract players. You don't have anything...

    2. When are you going to replace or hire new "testing staff" members? They are unprofessional at their job, and the mistakes they are making are beyond a joke.

    3. When are you going to replace support robots with real people? Often there is 1 week+ response for reports, this is unacceptable.

    4. When are you going to nerf the OP Ravenspine Glider (invince glider)?
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    What kind of discussion did you do with AAJP producer and XL at this time?

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    when fresh start server?

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    1. Fresh Start server at 4.0?

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    Question from me:
    Any plans on releasing names on unused characters that didnt gain even one level in ages?

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    1) What is going on with the Skill and talent changes for 4.0?? Last time i heard there was a team of people testing it... any results?

    2) When will fresh start servers be able to xfer off.??

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    What do you think about private servers ?

    Could you change Squirrel from creators program ?

    I see Coreans have a P2W earring in 4.0, did we have that too ?

    Did we have soon a fix about lag in inventory ?

    Should we have new events with the C200 car ?

    In 4.0 did we have a buff for fishing, because actually it's not gainful ?

    Can we have a mail for send ideas to XL Games ? (because i looking everywhere and i find nothing)

    Can we have more authority in quest ? (like WhileSong or Aegis or next rift)

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    Once upon a time, trion wanted to be only a few months behind KR updates. Now the game hasn't seen an update in 6 months.

    What holds for 2018, 1 update per year?

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