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    Q & A Dev Talk — November 3rd at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)

    Community Manager - Joe "TheBlueMuzzy" Brogno
    Associate Producer - Sera "Celestrata" Brennan

    Hey Adventurers,

    This week we want to hear from you! We're opening it up to your questions. You can queue them up in this thread. We'll take priority for these questions over chat questions, but we'll open it up to the livestream chat after we've exhausted the questions we can answer from this thread.

    We'll be answering these ones first as best we can. Keep in mind that we may not have all the information available to answer certain questions (like reasons for balance), and some questions may have answers that we aren't ready to reveal quite yet.

    If you happen to ask a question that isn't answered on stream, please take it to the forum! Be sure to search for your topic first, as the discussion may have already been started.

    1 Archeum Pack
    5 50 Loyalty
    3 Kindled Spirit + Kindled Spirit Powerstone

    See you there, adventurers.

    Q & A - Dev Talk
    Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds
    Start Time: Friday, November 3rd at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)
    Duration: 45-50 minutes

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    When will we be having more (and more constant ;D) creator competitions and the like
    Queen of Lizards
    Queen of Haranya


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    1. When are you going to fix the event and why does it always take so long to fix? does nobody test?

    2. Why do some players get special treatment from GM's?

    3. When are you going to fix the sleep song bug where you get teleported across the map to near kraken? or the other bug where you fall through the map

    4. Not a question but suggestion. You guys should have some small events at weekend like x2 XP/Honor/Drop. Since weekend is when people are off work/school/college etc maybe this could encourage new players.

    5. What are you doing to get new players or old players to come to the game? How are you improving your reputation?

    6. Any news from XL on the skill change? Also how did all these meetings go with XL? what things did they reveal to you and what problems did you address to them that players in the game are having?

    7. When are you going to fix the bug where speedboat drivers appear to be standing up whilst driving?

    8. For me the recent events are kind of trash, I don't really bother with them. However If they had labor pot rewards I would attend every event. Why are our event rewards so bad?

    8.1 Why Is it 100 Labor per smash in the current event? Not worth, Also made the labor pot price go through the roof (50% markup)

    9. Why are there so many automated responses from Trion Support? Why is German Support better at fixing problems? (You think I'm joking. No I am dead serious if you have had no luck with support get a friend to translate your ticket to German and resubmit) If you Improve support it will help your reputation.

    9.1. Still on the issue of Trion support, why do some players get items unbound and others don't? The most recent I can recall is I had a friend with a Legendary Kraken Longspear and he got it unbound however I can't even get a healing earring I accidentally rolled on from Serprentis unbound and sent to the right person.

    10. When will the Conker's Cube be fixed? If I spawn it whilst using the Rampage B200 it will slow the car down.

    11. Why don't you give fishing a nice buff? There was a thread which I posted in a while back on fishing and how great it used to be but nothing seem to come of it even Muzzy saw the post, I remember him mentioning it on stream. Did you ever talk to XL about this? (link: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...-sport-fishing.)

    11.1 When will you fix the bug where you cannot climb the ladder of a fishing boat whilst in combat? this has been in since the beginning of the game.

    12. The EU/NA Archeage website is garbage, copy paste just like all other Trion Worlds' game websites which all have the same template and they all look alike and not much effort gone into them, Why don't we have cool stuff on the website like Korea? They can check Auction House, Player Gear and It shows all events very nicely and super easy to find and many other things. Will we ever get this?

    13. It has been a long time since I was hyped for the next login tracker. When can we get one that is actually good?

    14. Why did you remove the 10 labor pots from the Daily Labor Stipend but keep the price the same? Lower the credit price I say!

    14.1 Gentatsu mentioned adding labor pots back into the cash shop please do this! At least for legacy/merged servers even If it is just for an event or on the limited page. I'm always needing more labor. I don't understand adding in new things that cost so much labor but at the same time removing them from the cash shop.

    14.2 Contradicting myself here but I thought you guys wanted to change the direction and remove p2w items from the cash shop, but you add in items such as the Bloomfang, Invincibility Glider (Ravenspine Wings) and now the Kindled Spirit. Yeah you can buy them for an insane amount of Loyalty or from the Auction house with gold but they are limited items and the gold price for them goes up ten-fold once they are gone these are must have items that give the player power and probably some of biggest p2w items I have seen in Archeage. Why are you going back on your word? This will not help your reputation.

    15. Whats up with the livestreams lately were some cancelled? like come on I play a lot of games that give us weekly updates as to what is going on, even If they didn't get much done that week they still talk to us and show us something. So just keep talking to us show us something interact with community It will help improve your reputation.

    15.1 Come Ingame more often, come to a Mistmerrow or do something fun, The Korean devs go mistmerrow why don't you? Again it will help your reputation interacting with your community.

    16. Any plans to change the safe ship? As far as I know players in Korea can only have one account since it needs the players social security number etc. Here however there is no limit so what I see on a daily basis is people with multiple alts sometimes upto 10 taking the cargo from the trader and going overseas with it completely safe and risk free. I doubt this is how the ship is intended to be. Some of my suggestions would be any of the following;

    -Add a 24 hour cooldown on using the Captain's Protection
    -Only have the ship spawn in for 1-2 hours per day
    -Completely remove the ship
    -Issue players abusing this with 24hour ban and a permanent ban if they continue to abuse the ship with multiple alts

    The sea is meant to be a risky place and I can already see the affect this is having, If more and more people start to abuse this then It completely removes pirating at sea from the game. Pirating inland is already flatlining with players farming alts Inland to make war zones go peace and now this?

    17. When will you fix the sound bug?

    18. When will you fix the bug that lags the game as you kill monsters for a quest? (e.g. Crimson Rift)

    19. When will you fix the bug that causes mass notifications and leads to a players game crashing when people declare dominion?

    If I think of more ill edit this.

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    Can we please get the swinging crates above the NPC's disabled? They not only interfere with camera angle when turning in packs I am pretty sure they are contributing to the hideous lag at the ocean-side traders. I have almost zero lag anywhere else.

    Can we get something better for the login rewards? Something like the daily fireworks you had before would be cool.

    Why do PN members get to participate as a juror? They have elected to leave the faction, like going to pirate faction. Pirates do not get to be jurors and neither should PN.

    Thank you

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    Fresh Start When?

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    With the constant backlash from events will Trion ever take our feedback into consideration in future events?

    have to agree with other post in this thread, the trade posts need major fixing. the npc to turn in trade packs are too close to the building, the roof messes with camera, the swing cargo seems like it is only there to mess with your camera also, solz warehouse daru is in a bad location, and afkers can make it near impossible to click on the npc you want to talk to. so my question is: is there any way for the PLAYERS to give this info to XL as it seems the ISSUES we have FAIL to make it to them or are NOT given any sort of importance.

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    Questions from Me:

    #1) When will start to be informed about update 3.7 and update 4.0?

    #2) Can we please get a month for the daily schedule tracker filled with more useful items besides tons of xp, mana and health grimors, mitigation talismans, protection certs, and mitigation crates?

    Suggestion: tax certs, Vocation pots, labor pots, honor pots, items that allow us to reroll costume and cloak stats, gilda, merit, warriors medal (unless they are getting removed) transmuters, abysal shards, abysal crystals, royal seeds, etc, etc. useful items like SOAP to wash costumes.

    #3 can we have the swinging crates at the trade centers shut off and made stationary? They cause lag at the trade centers and are a constant irritation because they keep screwing up everyones camera angles and are now considered more of an annoyance than something cute or cool to watch.

    #4 Can we have our Streetlamps auto on for 1 hour feature turned back on when the swinging cargo crates mentioned in question 3 are shut off? Id rather have my streetlamps auto feature back rather than those darn annoying swinging crates!

    #5 can we get the "trade info" page expanded so that it displays current charcoal pay out % and or trade center 2nd leg info display how packs each trade center has for making cargo packs example: if there is 20 rokhala and 5 hasla larders then the trade info page would display 25 larders in stock. Its currently a total pain to run around check the payout % for charcoal in arcum, falcorth or peri then go back buy the cargo packs and get to the destination just to find out someone just hammered the price and I did not know it because their is no tool info page for this.

    #6 in update 4.0 KR omnom shows that obsidian gear will be transmutable, does this mean they will be transferable? I dont want any changes made to screw up what toons i have my proficiency on.

    #7 continuance for #6, If Obsidian crafting is to be changed and work like the illustrious to ayanad crafting that will suddenly require certain crafting proficiency does this mean that the mats we spend endless hours farming for in auroria and the library will become account tradable? I dont need or want to have to have to redo what toon has my leather crafting proficiency on and do my mat farming with.

    #8 can XLgames/Trion please add a method for leveling up weapon smithing that doesnt cost a dang arm and a leg? currently to craft a basic dagger costs around 125gold each for 200 labor / proficiency xp.. to craft an illustrious dagger at a upgraded armory costs around 250g per dagger for 600 labor / proficiency xp.

    #9 if we cant have anything else in the daily log in tracker can we please have back the fireworks that was in there before?

    #10 Freighter question: instead of making a new freighter with more packs, can we have the next freighter upgrade that comes out be turned into a component swaping freighter instead of more trade pack space? Example: make it so freighter owners can remove the component to water plots and add a component that will auto single plant seeds.

    #11 can we please get the large mining drill and majestic tree added back to the vocation store list?

    #12 can we have future events designed to be fun and enjoyable so players want to do them instead of wanting to avoid them? Example: i avoided the pumpkin smashing because i had the choice of doing what i needed to do with my labor daily vs the expensive pumpkin smashing so I did not partake in the pumpkin smashing. All the pumpkin smashing did was deliberatly drive the cost of large labor pots through the roof. Just because servers have been around a while does not mean we need higher prices on everything. Keep the game fun, not so much like a job.

    #13 When figuring the cost of items in future events can you please set the prices so that it wont be required to do every main boss spawn every day just to get 1 of the top items. doing daily quests for hollowtide is 4 tokens, bat tree is 130 tokens. so that means i need to do that candy toss constantly all day every day. events are supposed to be fun and enjoyable otherwise there is no point having them or doing them.

    #14 can we please have all character bound items made so they are usuable by any character on the server/account so instead of bound to character have it bound to account? Except for the obsidian crafting mats, id like those all to be made unbound since Trion and XL games keeps saying they are looking for ways to let players close the gear gap quicker.

    #15 can we have a "Time left" feature added to the patron status icon like the labor and vocation stipends have? this would make things way easier on players who pay for patron monthly.

    #16 Can housing and plots be changed so that depending on the setting its on the taxes can be paid those effected. Like add a click option to either allow others to help pay taxes or not. Example: private= only owner can pay taxes, Family = anyone in the family can help pay the taxes on said plot or house, Guild = anyone in the guild can pay for taxes, public = anyone in the game can help pay. I feel this would help ease the burden on those who supply public buildings for other players to use via family, guild or public. Some players may not want their properties pre paid so they could click the box " do NOT allow others to pre pay taxes" unchecked they can help pay depending on the building setting of family/guild or public. This would also benefit players from around the world that have to take a leave of absence from the game due to military service, job, school or personal issue.

    #17 When will be Player nations have some regulations, atm a player nation is formed stealing all the best geared players and basically control and ruin a server.

    #17b Why do player nation members get to sit on Juries? They chose to leave our faction to form there own faction, they should not be allowed on our juries or in our hero hall. they are a different faction and should be treated as such and should face the same risk as a west continent member showing up in austera hero hall.

    #18 on omnom.io 4.0 kr patch notes, it says that the printing unstoppable will is getting removed. What will replace the item on the upgraded houses since the unstoppable will is the only printable item listed there.

    #19 are upgraded houses going to be made more viable in the future? it seems that each major update there functionality is getting reduced or removed thus destroying there need or want to have them. Meaning a lot of us players wasted a ton of mats building them.

    #20 Dimension storage: can we please have the Dimension storage chests fixed? we currently can not craft them in the game as the recipe book has been removed.

    #21 in game support page: can we please have the in game support page fixed so I can open a ticket from in game? Right now i click on contact us and it comes up with a archeage issue page and no way to open a ticket.

    #22 can we please have purchasable labor pots back in the market place, even for just like a holiday sale? Im sure it would increase your apex sales And make Trion a nice holiday profit. Right now 140g to 175g per large labor pot is way to high a price.

    #23 apex squall and comet speedster: would it be possible to have it so you could either crest image these cars or paint the cars different colors?

    #24 Could it be possible to make a Auto fill feature for when sending a in game email? example: someone starts spelling Gent and it would give the option to just click Gentatsu from like a friends list.

    #25 can you have XLgames see about adding a Guild Email msg system so the leader of a guild can type a msg and send it to every member of the guild

    #26 can you see if XLgames can add a Enemy list so that i may add my enemies to it and keep track when they are online and not get them confused with my friends. ?

    #27 can we have an update on any future Fresh start servers? i personally feel that constantly adding more FS ruins the communities on Legacy servers.

    #28 can you ask XLgames if Archeage will ever have the ability to craft or purchase flying vessels?

    #29 Can you ask XLgames to make it so we can have wild Coral farms in the oceans? we can currently have wild tree farms and wild crop farms on land i think having wild coral farms would be a very nice addition.

    #30 Can you have Costume /undergarment Soap added to the Gift coin tab on the market place? if We had the option to use gift coins on soap, it would allow us to use that 120g per soap on crafting and improving our gear a little faster.

    #31 can we please have another double vocation event like we had earlier this year? PLEASE???????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzy View Post
    This week we want to hear from you! We're opening it up to your questions. You can queue them up in this thread. We'll take priority for these questions over chat questions, but we'll open it up to the livestream chat after we've exhausted the questions we can answer from this thread.
    1) whats the deal with events? Last bunch have been broken, poorly planned, unappealing and the times are off, including our 3rd anniversary event...

    2) Whats the status on 4.5? Any new information from the testing they have done? When is their next round of testing? Whats the status on us getting to test it?

    3) What's up with communication. There was an effort to communicate more, and then it just died out.

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    IF you do new fresh start servers, what are your plans to promote growth on legacy servers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Edwardo View Post
    3) What's up with communication. There was an effort to communicate more, and then it just died out.
    I second this question, it felt like there was real improvement after muzzy joined but its fallen back into the old "we are currently in discussions with XL games" for every question

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    How long do we have to buy the current Halloween decorations in the marketplace? :P

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