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Thread: SOLIS Headlands Rallye - #1st Edition -

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    SOLIS Headlands Rallye - #1st Edition -

    Are you bored of doing traderuns all day? You miss patron, and gold coins comes slow? Or you just want to show your all new car to other players, and test your driving skills in a mind-blowing race? Well, you came to the right place then. Keep on reading for all details.



    1. It's allowed to push other players' car.
    2. Everyone participates individually, no groups, and there is only the driver in each car!
    3. No PKing.
    4. No Dominion.
    5. Everyone stays in their car.
    6. There are no alternate routes. Don't try to cheat, or trick. If anyone notices anything like driving off the route, or waiting in one place then turning back, please inform the host asap. Whoever got caught, will be removed from the race immediately. (It's allowed/recommended to use a video recording program to prove your right in situations like this. Hope we won't need this too often)
    7. We would like to have fun, so we don't need ragers, haters, and complaining/crying kids. Hosts have the right the remove any problematic players. In this case you will not get back the entry fee.

    1st place: 60% of all incoming money.
    2nd place: 25.0% of all incoming money.
    3rd place: 10.0% of all incoming money.

    With the rest of the money - 5% - you support me and the future races.

    If you need any further information please let me know. You can contact me in-game aswell. (same name)


    Q: How can I participate in the race?

    A: Go to your Owl Letter Box, then send me (Hill) an ingame message with your name, subject "Racing Ticket", the type of your car and the tickets price, and you are registered.

    Q: Do I meet the requirements?

    A: There are no special requirements for this race, you can enter at any level, with any player-owned vehicle. Doesnt matter what nation/faction you are part of, you can enter.

    Q: Can I use eco-fuel?
    A: Of course it is allowed.

    Q: When and where does the race take place?
    A: Unfortunately it's only on Retribution for now.
    The first race will start November 6th at 20:00 UTC+1 in Austera, Solis Headlands.

    Q: Which part of the map?
    A: When everyone arrives, the host is going to guide you all through the "map" (in a convoy), and show which streets and routes you should use.

    Q: I WON! How do I get my money?
    A: I'll send it to you asap.

    - Sorry for any grammar/vocab mistakes. -

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    great idea!
    will be fun, i ll be there

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    ohh so cool ! i ll be there too \o/

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    Sounds fun, will see if i can participate
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    Showing here the road of the SOLIS step.

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    We should do these at the start of the festival times - Safer for any faction.
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    Actually, that's why I'm doing it in Solis right now.
    If there is another event like this one during a no-festival-zone, i'm not gonna give the route publicly.

    I still have some ideas for greater/funnier contests, don't worry.

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    Congratulations to our Winner Phi !

    Podium :

    1. Phi
    2. Thortu
    3. Erachan

    Thanks to everyone participating, it was a really fun experience.

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