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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragosaros View Post
    What about the Merit badge? -- That blue start I have terrible luck getting my log in tracker to get me... even when I log in every day....

    Will the Login Tracker itself be fixed. If I log in every afternoon, after reset has happened I am only able to get maybe 2/3 the days. (and no I have not put in a ticket, it was just inconvenient for me not a major issue)
    I assume you mean login badges, not merit badges, here. Those aren't changing.

    As far as the login tracker itself goes, that will probably never be fixed. But it is very easy to work around its limitations. Make sure you do your login tracker before reset every day, not after. I do mine before going to work in the morning. Never click the tracker between reset and your local midnight.

    What's happening is that the login tracker resets at midnight. But it can't tell the difference between server midnight (UTC) and your local midnight, so it doesn't reset completely until both midnights have passed. (Server midnight is when the general server reset happens.) If you click the tracker between those two midnights, it gets thrown off for several days and you end up losing login badges.
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    I got the letter.

    As a potential returning player, I'm not impressed. There isn't anything set in stone. There isn't much, actually. Judging from what I can see here, it seems yall still have a terrible infrastructure that will absolutely crash come launch day. You're already crashing.

    I, for one, don't want to experience another launch of idiotic comments like "our servers are at 600%". Get better infrastructure before you start making promises, this time around.

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    Will there be an update with the current terrible situation with ddos attacks on NA servers and also the test server. If it keeps up you want have to worry so much about gems because there wont be any of us around to even play the game as its becoming unplayable..

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