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    Its the season of giving, and were giving everyone the opportunity for 25% off of 1 year of patron!
    And next to this discount package take infinite game disconnects for unlimited time!
    this has already gotten out of hand, I'm leaving.

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    I'm sad I can play ArcheAge right now without disconnecting.
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    [QUOTE=Muzzy;2651876]Hello Adventurers,

    We're investigating recent connectivity and disconnect issues, and our team is working on it. Stay tuned for updates.

    Its been a couple of weeks now..far from being fixed, I am disconnected at the server screen now...can't even log in for 5 minutes even. Going to be pretty damned hard to download the new version.
    This crap is getting pretty old..if you can't fix it in two weeks, there would be no indication you could EVER fix it. Are you giving refunds for those who have paid well in advance?

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    worst game ever

    bugga me, can you guys do something to fix this utter bollics already?

    i mean really. GET YOUR SHYTE FIXED. i cant wait till a decent new game comes out so i can hopefully play a game NOT managed by morons.


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    downloading the update isn't an issue, just switch to the EU side and download and update it but you should remember you cant play on NA until after it has been updated. my mains are on NA but I also play on EU and the update came through just fine

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    When trying to connect to server it just freezes on that screen takes around 5 attempts restarting and trying to connect before actually getting in the game and even then you have about 10-30mins in game before disconnecting again, I'm gay btw.

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    Yesterday it took me 12 hours to get just (JUST) the three loyalty tokens. Now it continues. You can choose: Either ...

    * This is intolerable and I am beginning to lose patience

    * Wondering (since it takes so long to fix what other game companies can fix very quickly), if the attacks are real and it is being used to prevent people from normal income - forcing people into marketplace to spend real money, as a shortcut.

    * The attacks are unreal and some script (or something) are used to kick players offline approx every 10 mins) - forcing people into marketplace to spend real money, as a shortcut.

    Why the last two assumptions ? Simply because a couple of years ago it took the staff two month (yes, two month) to remove an exploit called 'the flirtatious flower' which like the last three weeks disconnect issues - prevented players from doing trade runs, thus forcing them into marketplace so they could uphold their properties and assets.

    I am not accusing, mind ye. I am wondering, because I have never experienced this kind of issue fixing. I started playing on the net 1998 and something is wrong in the state of Denmark since it takes so long.

    Looking forward to the new updates ? Not at all, since it can't be played because of all the disconnects.

    * But for now I would say this is intolerable and am beginning to lose patience.

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    Do people really think the DCing is a conspiracy to get you to spend money in the marketplace? Erm... wow. I disagree with you on that one.


    Represent from Thunderwing found a pattern that they are running a 10 minute script every 23 minutes. Hopefully this helps with people who are still trying to do things in game. I know it sucks but we can at least try and make the best of an annoying situation by working around it. (This means you will DC approx. every 23 minutes with an approx. 10 minute wait to relog successfully.)

    Some people aren't getting DC'd just lagging badly, lucky them I guess!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stef021sto View Post
    i cant close my game because i have 600s cd ! nice bug deco
    Yes you can - just use your task manager. Rightclick the AA application and close it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riaa View Post
    Do people really think the DCing is a conspiracy to get you to spend money in the marketplace?
    No, not a conspiracy, but a possibility. If not - can you give me a reasonable explanation why they didn't fix 'the flirtatious flower' for two month ?
    People that drove carts were forced out of their seats via a two player targeting exploit, where the exploiters took over the wheel, drove it to mobs that destroyed the carts - and the exploiters would pick up the trade packs. It mostly happened in Dewstone. On my server Melisara I experienced so many take overs of my cart that I had to stop driving trade packs - so I was prevented a decent income.

    The flower could have been removed or item deactivated within 24 hours, but it took them two month. They could, but they didn't. I look forward to your explanation.

    Nothing these days would really surprise me.

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