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    Quote Originally Posted by Ollolol View Post
    I think it's a bad idea to allow players to mix and match new gems on items that have old gems. I also think it's a mistake to diverge from the KR style of not being able to socket old gems anymore in 4.0.

    New and returning players will not be able to acquire these gems. You're putting them at a disadvantage by allowing existing players to have something the new players can not.

    You really need to consider how to get new players to stick around. This design achieves the opposite.
    Well, here's the thing.

    If you noticed the new T2 gems are just under the current T3. Xl is basically doing a tier crunch on the gem side. So while old players have the slightly better gems, that cost them a pretty penny to get.

    As opposed to new and returning players that have a much easier system to deal with and (depending on your luck) an overall cheaper system. This allows them the ability to have a bit of a catch up without completely negating those that worked using a more brutal system in the past.
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    New players getting gems into gear easier is only a short term hurdle.

    In the long run, they will never be able to attain the stats of older players.

    There are things vets should be entitled to, unattainable stats/skill increases are not one of them.

    Theres a good reason XL didn't adhere to Trions request.

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    When it boils down to old and new gems discussion, it comes down to whether Trion would lean towards pleasing (older) playerbase or overall population health. Sure, please the older playerbase will make everyone happier short term, but there is already an issue with geargap for newer players.

    I personally would rather see the game grow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edwardo View Post
    They said during the live stream they would be providing tables and such this week.

    Of course they also said to post here to get answers to your questions...
    Maybe they just meant some questions, and maybe those were hopefully going to be answered by the community.

    ....the more you neverknow.

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    so for new gems there is only p/m.def for wrists?

    also with the 4.5 skill patch what will the new occultism skill gem be seeing as stillness is being moved to witchcraft.

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    What's the use of talking about gems? if you caught the game. Preventing Craft. And they still lie to us. It is written on the screen: Double drop. But you go to the library and never drop the item you want. In my case Pygmy Skull. Stop locking the game the population is decreasing for this.

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    Have to agree with some questions in the thread, why should new players come into the game if they do not have the chance to get to the same level of gear no matter how much effort they put in the game?

    With the removal of the crafting of the old gems you are continuing that bad design you did earlier with some gear pieces like:
    • Best in slot item: Unlimited PvP Tournament ring that could only be acquired by a choosen group of players by Trion (1 Time exclusive Event, never saw again after 1 year)
    • Obsidian pieces that suddenly granded less stats than older versions (Example: Increased Magic Attack 26 vs 24.7)
    • Etc.

    Again the question, why are you continuing making gear unable to be acquired by new players ever again? If there will be a T3 version in future (probably years) you still cannot fix the lack of evasion gems etc. people already gemmed.

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    I farmed 6hrs this 1Star Mobs in Aegis and got 1 Time 1 Aurora Chest and 1 Time 5 Aurora Chests in 1 Hour all in all i got 17 Aurora Chests with Double Drop Event.Heres a Pic what i got in that 6hrs(opened ca 150ancestral crates).


    Like you can see i kill ca 350 Mobs per Hour what isnt bad i think.That means i kill 2100 Mobs and got 17!! Aurora Chests with DOUBLE DROP.WTF Hell..but ok so i bought some Aurora Chests to check the Rate to get a fine Lunarite drop.

    Believe me or not after 50 Chests only 1 give me fine wave Lunarite (14pieces).So lets do some Math.To reach the 50 Aurora Chests with only farming i would need 18hrs with a double Drop event,
    maybe i was unlucky with opening but 14 fine wave lunarite in 50 boxes is more then a bad joke..and the best is for the T2 Gems that are incoming you will need atleast 18 fine lunarite.The new Gems are OP that means i will need 38Gems to regem my Gear,Bow and Instrument.

    When i finished 1!! Gem in 18hrs pure Farming i would need 684hours to get my gear full with gems...684 hrs in other words 28days of 18 hrs farming a day..are you srs bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Furyion View Post
    During the live stream, there was mention of a spreadsheet that was going to be released. I haven't yet seen it, and was curious if I had just missed it.
    Has this happened yet?

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    I love that a thread was created to ask questions in and we have received zero answers, not even a single response, and none of the materials promised during the live stream were ever posted.

    Thankfully the patch isn't next week... oh wait.

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