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    Livestream: Q&A - January 5th (Locked)

    Q & A January 5th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)

    Community Manager - Joe "TheBlueMuzzy" Brogno
    Associate Producer - Sera "Celestrata" Brennan

    Hey Adventurers,

    Welcome to 2018! The first livestream of the year will be a Q & A, so ask below.

    We invite you to ask questions during the stream regarding the topics we're covering this week, and if they aren't answered on stream, please take it to the forum! Be sure to search for your topic first, as the discussion may have already been started.

    3 Archeum Pack
    5 50 Loyalty
    5 Melisara's Puzzlebox

    See you there, adventurers.

    Twitch Channel:
    Start Time: Friday, January 5th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)
    Duration: 45-50 minutes

    EDIT: Thread will be locked prior to the livestream to give us a chance to organize answers.

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    Hello & happy new year 2018,

    1. I saw on database a lot of Lunastone like : Inoch, Lucius, etc. is there any release date for them ?
    2. Is there any official information for about our 4.5 ?

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    Questions for the Livestream:

    Will there ever be a fix for:
    - the UI Lag - there was so much feedback to help you fix this, but its been months and nothing has changed.
    - the revive bug
    - the chat bug
    - getting stuck in combat
    - the sleepsong bug, where you fall through the ground

    When will we get a fix for the drop rates, since its proven and confirmed by Trion and XL that we have not the same as other regions?

    Afk bug in the Arena and x-server arena. When can we expect a fix for this?

    Will the X-Mas box event be extended?

    Will there be a fix for the spellshift orb, since XL removed it in 4.5 seeing how it was bad for the game. Can we expect this change before 4.5 will be live in NA/EU?

    Are there any plans in the future to upgrade the current engine, since the CryEngine 3 is horrible as it is atm.

    Why were NA and EU players not involved in the testing for the 4.5 skill changes like you told us? You also told us that we will have the chance to report feedback to XL directly in the future. Just empty phrases like many other times in the past?


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    Does Trion think that the Spellshift orb required for upgrading obsidian gear is too expensive at 30 sunset pearls each?

    Any news on bug fixes for any of the following:

    Wave Healing Hymn not bouncing to all party members
    Game crashing on dungeon zone in/out or boss spawn(most notably Aria)
    Revive needing to be cast multiple times on the same person before it works
    Getting 'Stuck' in combat
    Inability to minutely alter Stat Migration once cap has been reached without having to completely reset
    Inability to click Login Tracker occasionally because of the dual reset times it has
    Bugged AFK timer in Cross Server Arenas
    Double negative on Assorted Ribs PvE received damage
    Some Daily Contract quests still giving Merit Badges
    Marketplace 30-day Revive Scroll
    Forest Spirit 'Ode to Recovery' not working

    What is being done to make Fireglow Lunarite more available?

    Will we ever get the third dimension of the Library back?

    Will we ever get the Dimensional Storage Chest Design back?

    Can we get a replacement for the useless Cruel Binding Defense Abyssal Skill, or a nerf to the Ravenspine wings that made the skill completely useless?

    When will we be getting some new, expensive items in the Gilda Star Shop?(Items moved there from Merit Badge Shop don't count)

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    Naima/Kraken, USA
    Q: The Crime Cleaner Item is available again at the General Merchant but it is still unusable... Is this item intended to be Released in our build? if not can we have it removed? if So can we request it to be fixed?
    Shinketsu- Platerunner DPS / Tank Guild: (Xcstasy) Server: Naima - Kraken (NA), (Vengeance) Server: Denestrious (NA)

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    My questions is: What news gives about the fresh start server. Most importand is the date. I must make my holiday plan. Thank you!

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    Questions for the Livestream:

    1. Are we gonna get the same drop rate for Metallic Crates as it is on KR and RU region?
    (Right now the drop rate for Metallic Crates is at least 5x times worst then it is on KR and RU region)

    2. Are you guys planning to give a Compensation to the ones who opened Metallic Crates in the time frame of 4.0 patch release till a few days ago when the Metallic Crates drop table rate was fixed.
    (On livestream you guys said: "XL looked and found the drop rate for crates we have didn't match other regions for whatever reason, and obviously we think it should." Many of us opened over 100 Metallic Crates after the 4.0 patch and we just got screwed... We should get a compensation)

    3. When we will get the 4.5 patch?
    (My opinion is the 4.0 patch kinda ruined the game. Archeage is going through a downfall direction, so many things are wrong that makes the players lose their motivation to play this game that once was awesome. With patch 4.5 many things gonna change and my opinion is the game will become again awesome again, 4.5 patch gonna fix so many things.)

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    I would ask Trion to feedback to XL Games to upgrade the current pet gear tier to Erenor and the grade to Eternal.

    Please don't encourage XL Games to force us to use boss drops as part of the crafting requirements.

    Don't let our pet friends be stuck with just Mythic Delphinads.

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    @Elorin the spellshift orb will cost 120g at general merchant in 4.5 (cause no one craft obsidian in korean due to the high price)

    Q: Can we have as double kyrios days as days without cross server cause actually we can't play arena in our server (due to low number people).
    Q: For be Title rank 5, did we need all titles
    Q: Did titles not in the folio give experience ? (like the title in marketplace)

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    @Titidu80 the new title in the marketplace (Legendary assassin) got the arcane grade and did give xp yes.

    Q: The 3 titles (Windracer, Duke of Delivery and Never Fast Enough) from the Rockborne racing quests requires the "Fresh Cordial Sale" quest to be completed before you can access them.
    To start this quest you need the "Fresh Cordial Advert" item, this item is only granted to your inventory once you obtain the Rampage C200.
    Will this change in the future to also include the B200 and S200 or are these titles now exclusive to those who got it before and the owners of the Rampage C200?

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