We learned from our mistakes on the Vengeance server. This time around we are going in with at least 10 + active members. With a plan to get 5- 6k gs by the end of the month. We have a plan we are going to use to achieve that goal. We will discuss that plan once you join and get accepted in. What we can say right now is that we are approaching this fresh start with a hardcore mind set. Which means every day we will run together 3-4 hrs doing: Lib dallies/dungeon dallies and general money making things. The first month will be hectic and boring but the end goal is to come out around 5 to 6k gear score so we can go out and be competitive in pvp. We do not zerg we do tactical pvp. We do not believe in numbers we believe in quality over quantity.

We are currently not playing AA but we may come back on the current fresh start to try out our plan if we get enough players to do that with. Now none of us are elitist in any shape or form. Were all 30+ in age with wife and kids and normal 8-5 jobs. But we do love to win and be competitive and if you follow the plan we have setup we can do that. And in the end have a better experience overall in Archeage.

Requirements to join us are:
- active able to do 3-4 hrs each day probably around 8pm cst till whenever
- able to get on discord and talk anytime were doing guild stuff which will be all the time
- don't get butt hurt easily you will get called out from time to time if your not pulling your weight or not being as optimal as possible. Just be able to take criticism and learn from it instead of getting feelings hurt.
- 21 years of age or older we have this because we don't want immaturity getting in the way of getting stuff done to better our characters
- no racism we will not tolerate racism in any form. Everyone in Unforgiven is equal.

Updated: 11/22/17
When it comes to picking your class you will have to pick whatever the meta build is for that type of class for example: range might be primevil you would pick that. We are not going to have random classes in the guild. Everyone going to have a role to play. You can choose whatever role but it needs to be one of the top class builds for that role.

If you like to join please here:
Follow the directions to register on there so you can see the Archeage sections. Unforgiven is a gaming community so there are other games going on.
If you have any questions before joining feel free to pm me.