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Thread: Greetings!!!!

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    Happy Holidays Kyrios I miss y’all I can’t post the ss I have revived on kraken but the ss is worth comeing back to the server even if I am not wanted the ss would violate the code of conduct but it was bad have a happy holiday season


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    Please stay where you are

    Kind regards,

    Everyone on west
    903rd (aranzeb west)
    Ruined Kings (aranzeb pirate)
    Tempest (Nazar west)
    Sin (Tahyang pirate)
    Plan B (Kyrios pirate)
    Infernal (Kyrios West)
    Southpaw (Kyrios West)

    Server hopper & gear yolo'er

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    hey pom hope all is well for you. its too bad things turned out the way they did on kyrios im very dissapointed in all of west and im spanking them now

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    @Daanw im planning to stay for awhile i might come back :P kidding its so much better here i can auctually eat popcorn and watch the drama fly its really funny when Domions are Won/Lost by the guild Potato Inc they get an ego boost or the GM gets salty when he loses the Dom but them they are all about rasiing hell and stealing pack id like to see them knocked down a few notches everyone on Kraken hates them worse then me on kyrios i have a friend in the guild and he dosent take part in his guilds crap he dosent agree (no clue why he dosent leave) but theyre the poos of the server i can only imagine everyone who tackled me down on Kyrios shutting them down really fast(Jacen Jaoel MMJ and all guilds included) you think i was bad this guild is worse west pirates that really suck

    @depepper im sad too i was going to give it a real fghting chance no i wasnt run off the server i left on my own accord when you see a player you REALLY dispise you wanna move and hide from them

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    Kyrios is fine if you want to be a potato.

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