Greetings, testers!

I've compiled a list of known issues with the 4.0 build that is available for testing on PTS. This list will be updated as more bugs are discovered, or previous issues are resolved. As issues are added or removed, the dates for those changes will be added to the list as well.

UPDATE 12/2- A new build has just been pushed to the PTS, and the list below has been updated.
  • No T2 Gem Upgrades available currently. UPDATED 12/2 - Gem Crafting has been implemented, allowing players to upgrade Tier 1 gems - and they are now searchable via the Crafting Folio. UPDATED 12/11
  • Spellshift Orb is required to breakdown T4/T5 Obsidian pieces for upgrade, not a Brimstone Orb as stated when unsealing a T4/T5 piece.
  • Cannot use Bound Tax Certificates to rotate housing.
  • Some structures do not have the option to rotate.
  • The event times on the Raid Board are not accurate currently.
  • There are some issues with the early Blue Salt Questlines to obtain your first farmcart, which we're confirming currently with XL.
  • Bloodsalt Bay, the new naval arena, has been set to the correct 5v5v5v5 UPDATED 12/11
  • Bound Tax Certificates are unable to be crafted. UPDATED 12/2 Bound Tax Certificates are able to be crafted once again
  • Marketplace changes have been implemented. Updated 12/11
  • Shield Slam currently has no cooldown - we have a bug report in with XL regarding this. UPDATED 12/11 Shield Slam now correctly has the cooldown once again.
  • Some achievements still reward Merit Badges. UPDATED 12/11 Achievements should correctly provide Gilda Stars now.
  • Abyssal skills are unable to be unlocked using Specialization Snowflakes. UPDATED 12/11 Abyssal Skills now display the correct item to unlock - Abyssal Crystals.
  • Unlocking Abyssal level 55 still requires 100 Warrior's Medals. UPDATED 12/11 Unlocking specific Abyssal levels now correct requires Abyssal Crystals.
  • Bruiser Badges and Shadow Daru Traders appear on two pages of the general merchant.Added 12/2