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    My thoughts

    Its not only a bugs i found, but also some thoughts on some systems in game and things that were added in NA/EU version that wasnt in any others.

    Thoughts first:
    • Honor shop items added (costume synthesis, different charms, etc etc) all BOUND. WHY? They cost SO MUCH that it will take insane amount of time to grind honor for them. And you keep them bounded. Temper 118% is also bounded when on all other versions its not?? I suggest lower the prices 10 times at least for some items or make them ALL not bound
    • No obsidian unbound option that you mentioned on livestream 3 weeks ago. Since we dont have any RNG in crafted gear (everyone was saying this is the reason why crafted are not bound, because it have rng in craft and its harder to get) and its fairly same difficulty to get obsidian and crafted now (even prices are almost identical now), why you keep obsidian bounded? Change it, this does not make any sence.
    • Change amount of honor we receive from all kind of honor quests OR DRAMATICALLY increase honor gain in open world pvp. Since arena does not give any honor, old prices in honor shot are outdated and too expensive. It will take year for someone to collect enough honor to just buy all gems at t1 he needs lol. Not talking about all other stuff he will need.
    • Arena pass should be REMOVED from general merchant to honor shop or price should be changed from 15 gold to 50 silver or so. 15g (or 50g like on korean server) is too high.

    • Arena Pass are available in general merchant on 2 pages at the same time.
    • Will add more soon

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    Things I noticed so far:

    1) Consumables break down for not a worthwhile amount. You can however still use them all, is this going to go live like this?

    2) Bloodsalt Bay Bug: You can swim out of your boat area, through the portal before the match starts. But then you cant swim back into your boat area and there is no way to die or go back to base, so you are stuck the entire match swimming around and it doesnt port you back. Bit of a pain when you are a one man team and your boat is now stuck behind the portal

    3) Bloodsalt Bay Bug: When you go into the water it gives you 14 seconds to get back to your boat before porting you to your base, but its only 9 seconds, you have 5 seconds left on counter.

    4) The arena afk features are a bit off, imo. 1 min afk is far to short a time to trigger an afk penalty, specially in an arena where you are manning a cannon and might stare with nothing to do for longer than that. instead of the debuff, lets just boot afk folks from the arena. Also can I assume the auto joining of arena's has been turned off if you are adding this, since one of the buffs is 24hrs. Also the Fled the Arena debuff needs a better label and description, because thats not what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madmonty View Post
    Huge nerf to cargo system:
    102g to buy Auroran cargo at diamond shore trade post, sell value 110g. Is this correct?
    Totally breaks the risk vs reward system. I am going to invest 102 gold so I can take 20 mins to take it somewhere all for 8g profit and if I get jacked I lose it all... who wants to risk 102g for 8g profit?

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    Shield slam no longer has an 18 Cooldown, has gone from 18 seconds to 0 seconds and the only limiting factor to cast it infinitely is your Global Cooldown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirran View Post
    • Arena Pass are available in general merchant on 2 pages at the same time.
    • Will add more soon
    Same for Shadow Daru Trader : page 1 and page 3

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    Nuins still get more gold for their cargo than Haranyans do. Why do you hate the east so much? Why don't you fix these obvious and massive imbalances that make west win every server?

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    Ok, so.. Prices for syntheum stones in honor shop are:
    • Clear Synthium Stone = 3000 honor/each
    • Vivid Synthium Stone = 5000 honor/each
    • Lucid Synthium Stone = 8000 honor/each
    • Radiant Synthium Stone = 15000 honor/each

    I remind you, that honor from arena got completely removed from the game, quests for honor wasnt tuned to supply enough honor for this needs, all this stones are BOUND as well as 95% of items in honor shop, so you can only grind it yourself.

    Now, how many honor do I, as a player, need to make a costume from scratch to mythic 100%?
    • Basic to Grand = 4 Clear
    • Grand to Rare = 8 Clear
    • Rare to Arcane = 12 Vivid
    • Arcane to Heroic = 16 Vivid
    • Heroic to Unique = 20 Lucid
    • Unique to Celestial = 24 Lucid
    • Celestial to Divine = 28 Lucid
    • Divine to Epic = 32 Lucid
    • Epic to Legendary = 36 Radiant
    • Legendary to Mythic = 40 Radiant

    All that will result in 2,808,000 (yes, its 2 million, 808 thousand) honor points to get to mythic. Not telling about another +-750k honor to get it to 100% eternal.
    Quick reminder, I will also need an undergarment with same amount of exp, that means another ~3,5 million honor for them.

    Then, lets pretend I have full divine armor (im new player, just finished it in 4.0), I need to socket it in 4.0. Every gem is tradable, so its not that big of a deal IMO, because i will be able to buy them for gold and honor at the same time. So its ok. BUT! I also will need to TEMPER all armor and weapons (it is 7 armors + 2 weapons as melee/mage or all 3 weapons as archer at its "best") that will cost me another:
    7 * 50k + 3 * 50k = 500,000 honor points just to temper ONCE! BUT ITS RNG! So you will need to attempt for it multiple times to get it right. And yes, you CANT BUY IT from players. Its BOUND!

    Seriously, im done with this game now. It just seems like game turning into a clownfiesta around those who PAYING for 3 years and forgetting about anyone who also play here or want to start the game. Hope this PTS is not accurate, but unless you tune all the prices to the ground, also unbound all the honor items so people can make gold out of it + buy something from it if they dont have enough time to farm or have bad luck, the game will be broken and no new players will come.

    Deleted PTS client, im so salty, somebody kill me

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    Summary imo at this point of PTS testing.

    1) T2 cargo Is nerfed. so there will be less profit *note: see other testers posts on this info.** less profit means cargo packs should NOT require 14 specialty + 8 fert + 4 larders to craft 2 cargo. ***this change will chase players away.
    2) T3 cargo, with the nerfing of cargo the price for charcoal is going to go through the roof. *note: there is already a huge shortage of charcoal competition on the AH as is. ** less profit means cargo packs should NOT require 14 specialty + 8 fert + 4 larders to craft 2 cargo. *** this change will chase players away.
    3) no way to produce Bound tax certs. So this means the only way to get a management title is with apex credits. can no longer craft them from permits. *note: this change will chase players away.
    4) With the removal of Bound Tax certs the only feezable method to increase construction profession to 230k is by making the farm carts, wagons etc. Construction bundles or the DS bundles for daily quests. *Note: this change will chase players away.
    5) Printing consumable removed. Nothing new added to upgraded apothecary making apothecary more useless and a waste to build. *note: this will chase players away.
    6) Unstoppable will salvage: salvaged 50 unstoppable wills in mirage. Received 50 fabric, 30 glossy feather, 50 leather, 20 orange coral, 30 yellow coral 10 blank regrade scrolls. In Twitch live feed I thought they said we would also get labor. *note: unknown how this will effect players.
    7) Cooking Consumables removed. Nothing new added to upgraded apothecary making apothecary more useless and a waste to build. *note: this will chase players away.
    8) Obsidian Armor and Obsidian weapons now require 24 abyssal crystals to 88 Abyssal Crystals per piece. T4 needs 24 AC, T6 needs 88 AC per piece. *Note: this will not attract new players.
    9) Lunagems: There are no craftable Lunagems in the folio or at any of the regal crafting benches. Did not even see any in the honor store, Prestige store, arena store or vocation store. *note: definitely will not attract new players or bring back old players. **might even chase some players off. *** Lunafrosts are there though so i guess that is a good thing.
    10) all synthisis items for sale in Honor shop are bound and to expensive: *Note: this will not attract new players as the prices will require players to live at the honor events. ** this might chase players away.
    11) Weapon and armor tempers: They are also for sale in Honor shop are bound and to expensive: *Note: this will not attract new players as the prices will require players to live at the honor events. ** this might chase players away.
    12) housing design costs: The gilda costs for most the housing designs and a lot of ship designs have gone up. *note: this will not attract new players and may cause some players to leave.
    13) Enchanted Blue Prints: With the increased cost on housing designs 1 would have the thought the amount of enchanted blue prints we receive would go up. This is not true in this case. The gilda cost goes up but the # of EBP stays the same. Only option from what i can see in 4.0 to get EBP is to buy aquafarms for 20gilda and break them down.
    14) Dimensional Storage chests: It was stated in AA twitch live streams they would be fixed. However in 4.0 they are completely removed from the game. the recipe no longer is even listed in the new folio.

    With all this in mind, We have heard that the idea is to attract new players and hopefully bring back old players. These major changes dont make anything easier. It only makes the game more of a pain because you have to continue to work harder for less reward. Then bust your butt even harder still just to keep what you got. These changes will not attract anyone new and will cause players to leave the game. Then the servers will end up needing another "evolution" and cause even more players to leave. All the while new Fresh start servers will be preped. This sandbox game came out and was meant to be fun and enjoyable. Who wants to kill themselves working a 2nd job in a game? Just because real life stinks this does not mean game life has to stink as well. more work for less reward is a sure fire way to NOT attract new or returning players. Especially when craftable items keep getting removed from the game with no replacements thus making both the upgraded housing a total 100% waste and a waste to even work on any proficiency anymore. I spent the last 6 month slowly working on Handicraft getting it to 230k on live. It appears I have wasted my time. Now with the removal of consumables from printing and cooking I shall stop working on those proficiency as well. *sigh*, I play this game because I enjoy the sandbox crafting, trade pack and housing feel of the game. I am not here for PVP.

    It is therefore my opinion at this time that Trion and XLgames wants Archeage to be Pure 100% pvp, no farming, no pack running and no crafting and no more Sandbox game feel. Get what you need from the honor shops or the market or dungeons.

    This has been my thoughts and opinion on current PTS findings. I hope i am wrong with my assessment.
    Gentatsu, Duskfire member on Kraken
    Owner Operator of Gent Mart! The place to be for all you're crafting needs. Be smart! Craft it at Gent Mart! Located in Windscour North housing. Owner of Gentwarts School of Magic in Windscour North housing and Gentwarts Leaky Cauldron In Rokhala for those who Enjoy to RP.

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    French translation of arena mail isn't ok

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    No marketplace update! Merit badge Shop is still in Marketplace and instead says (Gold) and the value is in merit badges not gold and the items that were in the Merit badge shop have NOT be converted over to Gilda or Vocation
    Shinketsu- Lvl55 Platerunner DPS / Tank Guild: (Xcstasy) Server: Naima - Kraken (NA) , #SheepieLives

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