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Thread: State of Game [New Player]

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    State of Game [New Player]

    When you click on New Posts, the first page is 97% maintenance, connectivity, and news of future increases to gear gap.

    Worth picking the game back up as a new player, or is it just a niche game for the vets now?

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    Niche game but not only for vets. I would definetly call me to the vets but from what i have seen you can gear up pretty fast if you behave nicely and communicate.
    Yes there are lots of toxic people. Yes there are people that anihilate you. But with a bit of patience, willpower and friends(new and vets alike) you can come far. You wont be in the top 100 in your server(in a reasonable timeframe) but is that to expect*? Its about having fun, playing together, improving, gearing up, making friends, doing dungeons, making tradepacks, stealing tradepacks, doing worldbosses, doing world events, exploring the world and housing.

    You can play fully free to play(even gain your patron/membership ingame from other players), but the first month to gain can become pretty hard. I would recommend to take a look into the game. If you like it and think you could spare 20€/$ (2apex) then do so. makes the entry into the game way easier.

    *given unter the point that you dont want to spend lots of euros/dollars to "pay to win"

    Edit: feel like i fell for a troll.
    Here (s)he knows already about all the possible flaws of gems in the future patch and that you should wait for some freshstart in 4.0. Whatever. Letting this stand as it is for interested new players. Still prefering legacy over this freshstart nonsense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigerus View Post
    for interested new players.
    My game knowledge is because I'm a founder, and since quitting follow multiple games. Technically I'd be a returning player/vet.

    Consider it a philosophical question. I play games with a fair sized group of friends, and this question is based on the general consensus of new players.

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    I don't understand how come players here don't mind such thing (fresh start) , it is really a bad strategy ...
    Fix the core game and it's problems !

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    Hmmm..... I wonder if this is what caused a delay to the NA FS Server and why there is no FS server with 4.0.

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