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    Question @Quillodon #MakeEznaGreatAgain

    Hello fellow adventurers,

    I have a burning question that is haunting my mind for some time now.
    We Nuians all live under our Sovereing King Andrion II.
    Now is our hero hall in Marianople. Yes it is the most centered city on the Nuian continent but i can imagine we all agree on Enza being a way more beautiful city.
    And don't we all want to afk in a city under the protection of our beloved sovereign?
    We might need our lore master Quillodon on this matter.
    And we might even need a lore section in the forums..

    Kind regards,

    Daanw (Proud afk'er in Ezna)
    903rd (aranzeb west)
    Ruined Kings (aranzeb pirate)
    Tempest (Nazar west)
    Sin (Tahyang pirate)
    Plan B (Kyrios pirate)
    Infernal (Kyrios West)
    Southpaw (Kyrios West)

    Server hopper & gear yolo'er

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    Haha actually, I'm not surprised at all that the other western factions avoid Two Crowns. Those "serfs" of theirs are slaves by any other name, and I can't see the Elves--or even the Crescent Throne--being very big fans of slavery. The noble families of Marianople may be backstabbing, manipulative jerks, but at least they're not slavers.

    Well... maybe the Noryettes. I wouldn't put anything past them.

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