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    12/8 Livestream - Q & A

    Q & A — December 8th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)

    Community Manager - Joe "TheBlueMuzzy" Brogno

    Hey Adventurers,

    As you may already know, the release of Maelstrom was pushed back to December 13th. This would have been the release stream, however, we'll be taking community questions instead. Write your questions below and we'll get as many of the answers prepared for the stream as we can.

    We'll also be sharing the contents of the new Maelstrom packs. And in honor of the current packs going away, we'll be gifting out 3 of the current Archeum packs!

    3 Archeum Pack
    20 50 Loyalty

    See you there, adventurers.

    Q & A - Dev Talk
    Twitch Channel:
    Start Time: Friday, December 8th at 1:30 PM PDT (8:30 PM UTC)
    Duration: 45-50 minutes

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    At this point I think most of our questions are in the PTS forums, so instead, I'll post this one...

    With this 4.0 patch, we are technically caught up with Korea (Even if we're caught up for only a little bit here). Now that we're caught up, is there any chance that we'll get updates more often instead of having to wait 6 months? That 4.5 patch is pretty juicy.
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    Since all library crafting materials will be narrowed down to 1 type per floor, will the discontinued materials (Sulfur Crystals, Pygmy Skulls) we have already collected be redeemable or turned into that singular material?

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    I'd prefer to answer all the questions myself but since I can't here they are.

    When is PTS getting the final -> Release Build for Testing????
    • Can we salvage lunagems?
    • Are the old lunagems going to cost us 500 labor to socket in 4.0?
    • Where is all the stuff from the Merrit badge shop going to go ie (Axis Mundi).
    • What is up with Gilda Star prices? Gilda shop shows one price mirage shows another, and some went WAY up (thatched) while others didn't move at all. And is blueprint salvaging going to be updated to reflect the new gilda prices?
    • Are the removed foods/buffs going to be for sure useable or are they only meant to be broken down?
    • Are/was sunken treasure chest suppose to drop lunarite?
    • Are the old Honor titles still suppose to be available for both honor and kyrios medals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matte0 View Post
    Since all library crafting materials will be narrowed down to 1 type per floor, will the discontinued materials (Sulfur Crystals, Pygmy Skulls) we have already collected be redeemable or turned into that singular material?
    We can already answer that, simply right click them and they are converted to the useable material, that is verified by Trion and on the Test server right now.

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    1a) Are you still pushing to allow old gems that new players wont be able to get to stay in the game?

    1b) If so, do you plan on tweaking every balance patch forward to reflect the old gems still being in the game?

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    1. Are there any notable fixes in this patch for bugs that have been plaguing the game for some time now? If not, will we ever see a time where the plethora of non-high-priority, yet highly aggravating bugs that have accumulated over the past 3 years will finally be addressed?

    Things such as:

    Getting stuck in combat(Our healers would really appreciate some resolution on this one, especially since it has been around since the game first launched)

    Having to cast Revive multiple times in dungeons before one actually "lands".(Healers would appreciate some resolution on this one too, as it is another one that has been around since the game launched)

    Wave Healing Hymn consistently "ignoring" party members{Full Explanation}(Yet another healer issue)

    Dimensional Storage Chest Design still missing
    (Storage Silo lost 1/3 of its usefulness when this was MISTAKENLY removed from the game)

    Not being able to fine tune Stat Migration to other viable configurations once the cap has been reached{Full Explanation}(And in case you missed the context of the question, I'm not talking about going over the cap, I'm talking about not being able to reduce a stat you had previously increased if you happen to be 300/300 on your Stat Migration)

    Lag when mousing over items
    (Given the number of people that have reported this, and the fact that ALL of us that it affects didn't start having problems until after the 3.5 patch went live, it's obvious that the problem lies in some poorly written lines of software, most likely the ones related to the tooltips that are generated upon mouseover)

    Daily Login Tracker being affected by TWO different "midnights"
    (I logged in EVERY day last month, yet was not able to reach day 21 on my tracker due to the fact that if I hit it between "Quest Reset"{5PM MST} and "Loyalty Token Payout"{11PM MST}, I am UNABLE to hit it the next day. I work to pay my bills, and my work schedule only allows me to log in between 5PM and 10PM, so I miss many days on the Tracker due to LOUSY PROGRAMMING THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED WHEN IT WAS REPORTED A FEW DAYS AFTER THE LOGIN TRACKER WAS FIRST INTRODUCED OVER 2 YEARS AGO)

    Game (un)expectedly crashing when traveling through portals
    (Another oldie, and still not goodie)

    These are just the ones that top my list, there are plenty more to be found in the Bug Reporting section of the Forums that are just as important to the people who have to deal with them on a daily basis.

    2. Has there been any further discussion between Trion and XL about nerfing the Ravenspine Wings?

    If no, then would Trion be willing to campaign HARD to completely change the Cruel Binding(Defense Abyssal) Skill to something that isn't rendered COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY useless by a CASH SHOP ITEM that is owned by at least 75% of the consistent PVP players?

    3. Are we getting any notable NEW items in the Gilda Shop in the 4.0 patch?

    I'll have over 12,000 Gilda Stars once I'm done converting over my Merit Badges; and to those of you who say "Buy Rumbling Archeum Trees", my response is: "Only When Trion gets Archeum REMOVED from the drop tables of the RNG Boxes in the Credit Shop.

    4. What sort of content would Trion like to see implemented in the near future?

    New Dungeons?
    Extensions to Racial Questlines?
    Extensions to/New Questlines like the Dream Ring/Great Ayanad Earring?
    New Ancestral Skills?
    New Worldboss Events?
    New Proficiency Caps with new useful items to craft once you attain them?

    5. Can we get a menu option to enable/disable Mobilization Orders?

    There are times where I'd just like to disable them for an hour or two while I am in the middle of something, not for the whole day.

    Alternatively, the popup could be made smaller, and placed ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN

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    Why did you discontented the white reindeer mount last year? And why did you only discontinued the white reindeer and not the black and brown one? I'm playing on a new character now and I would like to get the white reindeer on that character. Also will we finally get snow this year??

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    1.After the 4.0 update, How long do we have to wait before the 4.5 update ?

    2.The next server will be like in Korean, with restrictions (50 level, race from before 3.0, not the possibility of creating a nation).

    3.What do you do about the attacks ddos which strongly influences now the game in Europe (Many disconnect / Lag) ?

    4.Why did you not do like the last year concerning the Archeum Pack (the possibility to preorder it) ?

    5.Are not you worried about the fact that "Cargo Pack" are now very expensive and give you very low benefit (On 4.0 update)?

    6.When will we have a correct event? (No Bug | No Content Lock | New reward (we don't like to take 1 hours for have 1 gold you know...)

    7.When will the event "Riches from the Depths" will be back ? (One of the best events of AA).

    8.When will the patch of the 4.0 update be available? (In French, English and German).

    9.Are you going to change the times of certain events? (I find that bad to have Kraken, Red Dragon, DGS, MM and rift in the same time...)

    10.What is the secret of your haircut Muzzy ?

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    Will there ever be a fix for bugs that has been ingame some of them for such a long time, like the chat bug, revive bug, UI Lag, sleepsong bug where you fall through the ground or just randomly falling through the ground.
    Things like this are a real bummer. The are killing the game experience. Things like the UI Lag make the game almost unplayable, droping from 90 to 2 FPS in combat is awful.
    In other words, does XL Game even care a bit about things like this?
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