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Ok, here is 2 screenshots, its complete costume and underwear (thanks for taking my 4 hours of lifetime by giving me just 200k honor each command), but this is what i end up with and i can 100% be sure (because i was insanely surprised) that i had magic critical rate on COSTUME in around epic or legendary grade. So, here are they:1) Panties LINK2) Costume LINKThe reason i started this topic was because I NEVER had any non-related to the costume type stats in my lifetime since they were added. I never even got something like magic or ranged attack on melee costume or so. Just never. And i made over 40 costumes so far for sure.So, if its ok (completely dont like it then, cuz its not a big difference between our version and RU/KR then), then im sorry for starting this and this topic can be deleted
No worries, Cirran! Even if there doesn't end up being a bug, usually one person having a question means lots of people do. So in order:1) Undergarments can totally roll off-stat crit rate, sorry bud. According to my docs the only think THEY never roll is off-stat attack bonus and off-stat backstab. (They've got a different stat table than the costumes.)2) Aw shoot, makes sense you would've already re-rolled it. I'll roll up some more melee costumes on my lunch break to try to get one to proc off-stat crit rate, just to check. But if i don't find one after a couple hundred more, I'm gonna have to drop it until someone throws a screenshot at me. Sorry!Honestly, it sounds like you have just been incredibly, verging-on-ridiculously lucky in your rolls on previous costumes. People have been griping about the high possibility of off-stats since the day the synthesis system was introduced (which I'm sure the other people in this thread will bitterly confirm), so it's definitely not a new thing with this update.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hope that clears things up!-Quill
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