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Thread: Too much grind

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    Too much grind

    Why all this pay to win in this game? Why a good weapon costs 50k gold, and a person have to GRIND MONTHS for get it? MONTHS for a single item? This is a GAME not a JOB, do something?

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    Agree, I've no problem to grind in a long time after spent 7 year on Lineage 2.
    But on Lineage 2 It's was subscription based with no Cash shop.

    Here we've a cash shop, apex, ton of gold seller who all know and are not even ban, bad economy design by alowin sh*tload of multi-acc killing the economiue of 90% game job.
    All cargo, pack who inject way to many gold on the economie, no mentiuon about exploration, kraken, DGS, same thing.

    Look like all this game was developed with random option value...

    How to have fun one a game who can be resume at : P2W/multi-acc, buy legendary+ weap, rekt all legit player.
    Little mention for class and gear balance, nice fail too.

    Edit :

    And do something for all cheater aswell.
    Got killed 4 time on peace zone and a guy kill me with a FIRE meteor w/o casting it.
    And don't forget macro user.

    Perfect game, really..

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    They should rework something, i mean, if people are happy to play this game, they enjoy playing it, it's even more worth to buy 150$ pack or not? Something that they don't understand...

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    Dude what 50k gold good weapon or rather top end game one...

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    Its gotten so bad that KR is rereleasing Alpha lol.

    Hellllo VPN

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