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Thread: Conviction Housing Design Contest - Winter Maiden's Wonderland

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    Conviction Housing Design Contest - Winter Maiden's Wonderland

    Hello Conviction,

    The mysterious entity known as the Conviction Housing Committee is pleased to present you with the first Conviction Housing Design Contest! The theme for the purposes of this contest is “Winter Maiden’s Wonderland” to celebrate the Annual Winter Maiden’s Festival. As the contest is currently open to Conviction Residents, we invite homeowners to show off their best decorating prowess! The contest will begin on Saturday December 9, 2017 and will continue until January 5, 2018. The last entry can be submitted no later than the usual start time of the TrionWorlds Archeage Livestream (1:30 PM PST). At the conclusion of the entry, the Conviction Housing Committee will review and select winners. Top 15 will be announced and will be featured on a livestream and winners will be posted through Savannalynn’s (A separate housing enthusiast) blog. (Links TBA towards end of contest)

    To enter the contest, you must submit at least one screenshot of your property. You MUST also submit a location on a map of where to reach your property. Note: In order to take screenshots, please reference (Link to previous housing contest).

    (NOTE: This is not an official TrionWorlds, Archeage or XLGames event, entry into the contest is voluntary. The Conviction Housing Committee does not and will not offer exclusive rewards, some entries may be disregarded for violating rules on the post. Many will enter, only some will win.)

    “Winter Maiden’s Wonderland” – Celebrate the annual Winter Maiden’s Festival! As the winter chill sets in, celebrate with a warm and welcoming home for friends to gather. Steal the show with a display of lights in a festival showdown between neighbors or show off your cozy little cottage in the woods. Fun and excitement is in the air with the New Year around the corner.

    1. DURATION. The Contest begins at 12:00 PM PST December 9, 2017 (the “Start Date”) and ends on 11:59 PM PST January 5, 2018 (the “Deadline”).
    2. PARTICIPANT. Any single entry will be sent by a participant who may not represent multiple accounts or players. You must include your in-game name for consideration in determining entries which may include multiple properties which may not belong to the participant.
    3. THEME. The theme will be “Winter Maiden’s Wonderland” in an effort to celebrate the annual Winter Maiden’s Festival.
    4. Participants must post a screenshot to enter. Multiple properties may be entered for the contest (Must be owned by the same player). Entries with multiple players will not be included.
    5. Participants MUST post a screenshot of the property, further discussion may commence if there are questions regarding location.
    6. Offensive, Explicit or otherwise images posted or used during the housing design competition are grounds for disqualification. Please be aware that this is a contest that adheres to standard TOS.
    7. Entry into the contest will not guarantee a prize – To minimize favoritism, the judges will rate each entry on 3 criteria (Theme, Completeness, Creativity)
    8. UPDATE: Prizes will be awarded as follows.
    Grand Prize Winner will receive 1 fully-built Slate Stone Mansion (Terrace), 2 APEX, 1 Costume and a unique crest to display on their home!
    Runner-Up winners will receive 2 APEX and 1 Costume and a unique crest to display
    Honorable Mentions and Judge's Picks will receive 1 costume and a crest.

    Criteria will be broken down by Theme (how does your design fit with the theme? – See Theme section for further explanation), Completeness (Is your house complete on the exterior and the interior? Is everything furnished?), Creativity (Is an idea you’re showing off original or unique? Is it a simple addition that expands your space or does it change the areas within your house)

    Points associated with each are as follows:
    Theme: 40 points
    Completeness: 25 points
    Creativity: 35 points
    Total: 100 Points

    Post your favorite screenshots and give a brief explanation with the theme.

    Warmest regards and we look forward to your designs,


    The Conviction Housing Committee

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    Outside: https://imgur.com/a/p58xx
    Inside: https://imgur.com/a/bw1Ak
    Location of house: https://imgur.com/a/YZYox

    in game name is Dratini with a lil wini

    i uprooted my tress for this screen shot i better ♥♥♥in win

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    Location of house: https://imgur.com/a/VW44D

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    Wolfs Cave



    Winter Wonderland Contest Entry <3 <3

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    Conviction Housing Design Contest

    Heya my name is Toshiko
    My house is a homely, house invite friends, and family over for fun, and to open presents


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    In game name: Noteight

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    UPDATE for the contest - Prizes have been listed and there are 3 days remaining to enter the contest! Do not hesitate to send your designs!
    Lv. 7 Ancestral Darkrunner/Bloodreaver/Abolisher
    <Salphira><Conviction> Haranya Alliance



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    I hope I did it right


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    ING: Atermis

    "Christmas on the Sea"


    Red Dragon Dynasty(Dead 10/27/2014)->Addiction(Dead 12/17/2014)->Sodium Rising(Dead-7/18/2015)->Fiery(Dead-Unknow 2016)->Tractor Team 6(Dead-3/25/2016)-> SlayerS(Dead 4/26/2016)-->Rebirth(Dead)->Flawless(Dead) -> Ollo-dance with packs
    ------>>>> OLLO DEAD

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    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/mDicn

    Description: Cluttered and cozy, this home provides a space for Santa's little helpers to craft toys for all the good little girls and boys of Erenor. After a long day of toy making, feel free to relax inside with a sweet treat or snuggle up and watch the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree.

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