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Thread: Pay to win in archage?

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    Pay to win in archage?

    I'm fully aware that the game gets incredibly easier once you have patrion, but does that make the game unplayable? I would say apex is maybe the main aspect but I was kinda wanting some input becuase I wanted to see what everyone else thought before. I was looking for similar threads but I came out empty handed.

    On the market besides apex what would someone buy to "P2W"? Becuase I was thinking it was the loot boxes or maybe it's the regarded gems? What do you guys think.

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    Pretty much anything haha

    the loot boxes, costumes,mounts, archeum packs, apex

    Apex is quick gold but credits give you much more bang for your buck

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    As any crafting has ability to devour incredible amounts of resources, any Pay to win mechanics are simply not viable. Multiaccounting on other hand...
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    From the numbers I have ran normally speaking in terms of gold/USD... I would rank the means in following effectiveness

    1. Package ($150 packages.... with car or w/e)
    2. straight credit purchase then re-sell
    3. less desirable means.
    4. apex

    and in terms of converting the real purchase to gold is pretty much exact opposite of previous list.
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    Patron is all you really need TBH and you can gain access to the loot boxes + anything on the cash shop yourself without buying credits. If your an NA player create an EU account farm gold-->buy apex-->convert to credits-->use credits on NA account and vice versa if your an EU. That's if your not lazy like 90% of the player base and cry P2W.

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    Yes you can do what AKI said, but their are people that either their family has money or they have a lot of extra cash to spend, and they drop thousands a pop into the game. So people see them, and the person buying patron with in game gold usually calls it out. People were buying up the $150 pack with the car big time, it was definitely a big profit item when the cars were still going for higher gold. That pack seems like it has been out forever, so the stuff dropped to a low, now it is going back up a little. If you have cash, you can pretty much have anything in the game, it would be a crazy amount of cash, but some people have it, and don't mind spending it. So the game is as p2w as you have cash available, or as you have time (poor mans version of p2w).

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    Either pay or
    play for 3 years and still pay but less
    or play KR alpha rerelease, yes thats a thing, the games that broken

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    I paid $150 for the founders pack to start off the game... got a glider for a couple characters etc.

    The people who got the car package who are just starting, got a huge leg up in getting into the game quick.

    In EVERYGAME you will have under the table pay to win. Accounts get sold, people get paid to create and level up accounts, people get paid to give up one of a kind items, lands, resources etc.

    In Archeage most of the P2W is very visible - there is no pretense that they earned their stuff. And then there are the hard core no lifers who seem to be able to play 24/7 sometimes they are hard to distinguish from the P2W, often they will have a symbiotic relationship as the whales are good customers of the no lifers...

    Just like Bill Gates lives a different life than you or I, these two groups play a different game than you or I, occasionally we will cross paths or be impacted by them, but by and large different game.

    If you don't like the game really, don't care to do the activities and you don't want to pay the entry fee for a three year game to jump start your life... I do not know why you would want to come here.

    However, it is a very fun game with a lot of activities you can do as safely or at as much risk as you want... if you don't forget your not Bill Gates and basically don't worry about him and his crew you can have a great time every night in Archeage.

    When the whales come out and get involved in our little ant life too much, I just find something else to do. Whales usually get bored again in a matter of only hours... you do not have to wait long to get back to what you were doing.

    I have never really thought P2W was the problem people pretend it is in Archeage.

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