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    really hope they can fix this before the games pop dies completely

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    Ddos excuse is ridiculous
    ~ Rakis

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    How about moving the NA servers to EU host?

    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzy View Post
    There is not difference between now and the last update that I gave. The DDoS is continuing. We are still working to mitigate as best as possible.
    I have had a brief respite in the wee morning hours from the dc's on recent sleepless nights...but sure enough, the dc's begin again with a vengence. The instant I select the character, I get the disconnect message. I can't even get in to flip my packs - thousands of gold are going to evaporate. Exactly what are you doing to mitigate (here's a clue: it's NOT WORKING)? Twiddling your thumbs is not an effective strategy. Is no one on staff able to implement a solution?

    The dc situation is simply too severe, too extended. The game is unplayable; even merely keeping taxes paid to maintain properties is unmanageable. I would like Trion to provide a free option to full kit all properties. Treat this DDoS as if it were just another totally disruptive merger. I've lost plenty in the past with failed patches and compensation packs that, when attempting to redeem, banned my ip and I lost 70+ larders. Still haven't forgotten that one.

    "Playing" on NA is simply unjustifiable. In contrast EU is practically faultess, although you're running the same DDoS message through chat. Still, I'm not willing to repeat all my efforts and start over on EU servers. At some future time, if Trion or another producer can keep its act together so that the game is actually playable - maybe I'll be back with more patron money.

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    Seriously now I can't even log in - I'm loosing days of playing , loyalty , event, and money each day that the ddos continue.DO SOMETHING!
    There have been 5 days now I can't log in - on loading screen gives me the message.Noone talks about compensation and the event will be over before i even take the quest

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    I started a sub account about 3 weeks ago and it's been nothing but disconnects. I see it's cool they hold events but what good are the events if you can't even stay logged in long enough to play them. Muzzy you may want to think about bring back this double XP and double rewards deal when you guys fix the issue. I am close to calling in and asking for my money back for subbing. I will just go back to SWTOR and bioware (where I am not getting disconnected and feed EA more money).

    This is a poor way to gain new subs!

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    And the Angel of Archeage spoke, saying: “Fear not Loyal Patron, for thy fields shall be harvested, all thy Packs shall be delivered unto the Trader, and thy Taxes shall be paid. Yea Verily! And thou shall receive, as a compensation for thy troubles, a 48X48 in a REALLY choice location, or if that doesn’t work out maybe try Archeage:Begins why not.”

    /reposted from ddos thread because I have nothing better to do

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