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Thread: Eco-Fuel and Dissappearing Chat

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    Eco-Fuel and Dissappearing Chat

    Error 1 - Eco Fuel Issue

    Ok so with eco-fuel when I pop one it does nothing but delete it from my inventory. This happens with and without my merchant's costume. I also drive a red farm freighter in-case the issue is vehicle specific.

    Error 2 - Chat Issues (Seems related to linking items)

    When attempting to link someone an item (My merchant's costume actually) it took me many tries to get it to show up in chat. Before this I had no issues with chat. After this the chat system started randomly deleting what I was typing mid-sentence to the point I essentially couldn't talk. Relogging fixed this.
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    I have the exact same issue with the Eco-Friendly Fuel. When used, nothing happen : no buff icon under the vehicle lifebar, no speed up either. But it is consumed though, as indicated in the chat and through the decreasing number of Eco-Frienly Fuel in my inventory.

    Edit : I use a Farm Freighter too. And the problem doesn't happen with the Axle Grease.

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    Chat Issues
    inputting, and a Chat disappears

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    It was mentioned in the same post as the patch notes for 4.0.

    Under known issues:

    [Will be fixed as of 12/20's patch] Eco-Fuel is currently unable to be used with farm carts/haulers/wagons/freighters.

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    I also had the chat issue with it deleting what I was writing mid-sentence.
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