What if Trion decided to make a different kind of fresh serve instead the last ones they did (Reckoning and vegeance)

Instead of a "normal server", they could do a different begginers server. This server would have:

* Maximum gear score or grade of itens. When people reached the maximum of the server they could transfer to a legacy server. Example: The maximum grade on this server would be divine armor and epic weapon. If someone wants an epic armor they would have to transfer to the legacy servers.

* This server would have different drop rates and regrade chances. Once people transfer to legacy servers all armors they have would be bound even if they are ayanad or if they upgrade it.

* People fro legacy servers would not be allowed to transfer to the "beginners server". But people form "beginners server" should be able to transfer anytime to legacy servers.

I think it would be a idea to call back old players that stopped and new players who has interest of playing the game!

Do you think something like this would work?