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Thread: suggesttion of solution for gear gap

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    suggesttion of solution for gear gap

    What if Trion decided to make a different kind of fresh serve instead the last ones they did (Reckoning and vegeance)

    Instead of a "normal server", they could do a different begginers server. This server would have:

    * Maximum gear score or grade of itens. When people reached the maximum of the server they could transfer to a legacy server. Example: The maximum grade on this server would be divine armor and epic weapon. If someone wants an epic armor they would have to transfer to the legacy servers.

    * This server would have different drop rates and regrade chances. Once people transfer to legacy servers all armors they have would be bound even if they are ayanad or if they upgrade it.

    * People fro legacy servers would not be allowed to transfer to the "beginners server". But people form "beginners server" should be able to transfer anytime to legacy servers.

    I think it would be a idea to call back old players that stopped and new players who has interest of playing the game!

    Do you think something like this would work?

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    Holy crap this is kinda cool I mean they would make some money over character transfers also but Im sure on the server you describe players would also buy apex and other marketplace items.

    But I see a few holes already I personally would come to these servers for finachal gains.

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    It would be nice, no?

    But they would have to do some changes in the server to avoid tons of alts=)

    Like, in this server kraken and delphinad GS should not drop packs for gold and other things like that=)

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    Excuse my French, but this is a terrible idea.

    Firstly, this would require the start of yet another server, which would cause players from already existing servers to restart, thus causing the same issue we had before with "dead servers" (too few players on a server). Secondly, most of those that would leave would be those of low to mid geared players. While this might not seem like an issue at first, this leaves behind only the high geared characters. When someone graduates from these "beginner" servers, they will be moved to legacy... You see the issue? Suddenly you're at the bottom of the barrel comparatively to the rest of the population, and you have no friends to help you.

    While some of you would make the arguement: "That's how it is for all new players who start Archeage now." True. However, you AREN'T a new player, you've already gotten to the predetermined point of ascending to the legacy servers, and now you are going from top dog to under dog. For what logical reason would you graduate? Wouldn't it be better to stay top dog and competitive on a server where no one can get better gear than you already have, than to go somewhere that you'll be stomped and chewed up for easy honor?

    Thirdly, because no one would be able to equip better gear than the set cap, no one try to make or buy said upgrades. You can't use it unless you move to legacy(and on legacy that upgrade will be nothing compared to what people already have). This would lower the income gained from Archeum Crates (pay2win boxes) that provide regrading components and other cash shop items for Trion/XL. This would cause gear race for all Archeage servers to stagnate.

    Lastly, with few players joining and staying on the legacy realms, it will cause the game to appear more dead to those who invested heavily into the characters. The big spenders may find the game to be "over" and no longer wish to play. Sure, they might decide to start over on the "beginner" servers, but the financial system on which Archeage earns its money (i.e. the gear race) will ultimately fail.

    Less desparity between low and upper players in terms of gear
    Perhaps more players

    Desertification of legacy servers
    Decline of highly geared players (quitting or changing characters)
    Heavily reduced income from gear race and regrading
    Lack of a high geared playerbase leads to reduced reason to produce endgame content

    With a waning reason to produce endgame content, allows for the allocation of already existing resources to improve gameplay for low and mid geared players
    Greater focus on the general playerbase instead of the highly geared players(priveleged "few")

    Final Note:
    The main "plot" (not the story) of Archeage is to gain power. Power is gained through getting better weapons and armors, faster or more useful mounts and gliders, better ships and faster or larger cars/haulers for making more money for getting more power. Sure there are other things that produce a good chunk of income like vanity items such as costumes or mansions, but the main focus is getting better equipment. We've seen this throughout the lifespan of Archeage: from the introduction of Ayanad, of Tier 7 Obsidian, and more recently, of Erenor. If these beginner servers were introduced, people wouldn't want to leave them. "Why?" you might ask. Because beyond having to deal with people who consider you free honor, you have to work. You have to spend. Alot. And we'd rather keep our money in our wallets, and spend our time doing things beside trade runs.

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    Well. We have a very high chance of having ghost legacy servers in the next fresh start launch.

    The fact is that a lot of people already decided to NOT begin playing and NOT spend time and money in archeage.

    They saw the gear gap and they saw how much time and money they would have to spend before START having a chance to have fun.

    Nobody wants to spend a year or more in the game just to start not being one shotted by old players.

    Even MMOByte already made videos showing how empty archeage is and a lot of youtubers dont recommend the game even reconizing how amazing this game is.

    If you take a look on the game in this moment, you will see that 90 percent of players with less than 7k gear are just alts of geared players for explore labor or other games mechanics.

    Old players already made their closed groups and friends in the game. A new player have a lot of issues to find a person to play with, and archeage is not solo friendly.

    BUT i agree with the argument that to this idea work, they would have to create incentives to move to legacy servers. Like the begginers server should not have events like MM , kraken, Delpinad ghost ship, and could even be a non PVP server.

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    Once again, ideas that split the community further are only counter productive and a band-aid solution to the actual gear-gap problem, which the proposed solution by OP does not fix. It only creates an environment in which it's more fun to play for those particular players, while neglecting all others. We need to create an environment that is fun for all players regardless.

    I'll just post my solution in just another one of these threads, once again...

    Item Quality versus Stat charts - Near Current (missing 3.5 info) and the proposed solution to help gear gap while actually buffing everyone who currently has Epic+ Gear (making everyone feel good, hopefully, but yes still closing the gear gap). Essentially all that I've done is flipped the chart, where upgrading quality early gives more of a boost than upgrading quality in the higher tiers.

    This last chart looks at each tier and named tiers. Named tiers are Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium, etc. The chart may be a bit hard to understand, but it makes clear that between each named tier lies a 20-25% stat gap. This isn't necessary the worst thing since progressing through this gear is linear, however the gap between each gear is rather large currently, and if you stack that ontop of the quality issues that I've listed above, the gap becomes enormous between many common items. A solution here would be to possibly reduce the difference between each named tier, however I feel that the grade differences listed above are much more pressing.

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    Well from what ive seen, if you check Guild rank :
    There around 4230 guilded character in Kraken, dont know how many are not guilded or alt.
    On those there around 178 that are over 7k gearscore.
    If you check the first 100 in item grade, lowest is 8700k gearscore...
    So i dont see where you take that the majority of the player base is gonna suffer from a new server . Make it around 200 serious players. that still make it 200/4230 so less than 1% of kraken. If all those 200 players had 10 alt each, it would be around 50% of population. Even if the lower half of the player would leave, those players would still be able to gather enough stuff for themselves, and the other would have fun instead of getting one shotted...

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    Or cut the weapons damage by half and give + 50% PVE damage in statue buff . That's simplest way

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    Gamepro, i really loved your idea. I have already seen that post and in my opinion its a great idea too.

    I just made this suggestion cause i dont think its fair made new players suffer for a year or more to start having fun in the game.

    It would be relly nice if the GMs could hear our ideas and talk with us. I think every one wants a long good life to archeage

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    Well, when you see Legendary weapon are about 80/100k gold, if you'r a casu who make ~800g/day (and lot of single account player make less) : U need ~110 day, so almost 4 mount for affort it.

    4 mount for a single weapon.
    No gem, no temper, no other gear, no other any gold use.

    Yup, I now why this game is full of p2w and multi-acc and why legit player go away..

    Craft recipe are way to expensive, especially since 4.0.
    Regrad chance way to low.
    Mythique and Erenor shouldn't have been release, way to powerful for make something balance.
    Disparity of stat between low and high regrad weap are also way to high.

    It's not about got all in an easy way.
    It's about think about ppl who have life and want to be competitive by a legit way in less than 1 year..

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