Friendly Gamers,

After some people have Contact me and i found them, we decieded to create a Guild.
Because our Experiance are that the most of the Guilds are not Friendly to each.
It dosnet not matter what kind of Age,Class or Status you have aslong you like to play the Game,
have Fun with same people like you.If you do PvE or PvP its okay aslong you interact with your Mates.
I dont know much from the Tactics from Bosses and not almighty, But what im willed to do is try my Best for the community.
If i do mistakes i hope you will me show and shine the Way.
So i hope with this post to find 1-2 new Members if it feel spoken to you.

About you:
-Bring yourself
-dont be perfect
-dont be rude if it not work
-be Happy

About me:
Nick: Boneglue / Mystiquee
Age: 28,male
Born in:German

About Community:

I Wish you all a Merry Chrismas,Happy Holidays and a Great Festival Time.Enjoy it

I would happy if you send me ingame or here a mail.

See you

Best Regrats: