Dear Gamers,

My Charaktername is Boneglue,i playing on Server Prophecy.
Haranya Side,and i decieded to created a Guild.I would be happy if one or two Gamer would found here that like to Join a Community.Thats like to be Free and do whatever it take to have fun.Myself is not a Pro in the Game.I never started a Raid or Lead someone.But i like the story of a friendly & helpful Guild that like to be a part of it.There should not be something like you must do that what you dont want to do.The Conzept should be All for One and nothing should be bring us Pain,Hate or Selfish betwin Guild.Aslong you like what you do and dont be Unfair for your own profit in Guild.I Would not say i could Lead a Raid in English but im willed to Hold the Team up aslong it take to Work.

About You:
-Be Yourself
-Dont Judge about People you dont know
-Bring your Experiance from Life&Game
-All should be have a word to say not only me
-Like the Game and be Happy for what you do

About me:
Living in:German
Born in:German
I lived in a place wheres selfish is a daybread.Asleast i was Thinking that.If i open my Eyes,the part was that i was Blind and a self Hater so i shared the Hate in my Soul and to my nearbours.I was corrupted.I try to love the Light like it shining and not for the light it is.I dont like People that just feeling great and a better Guy if he make a life for someone else harder as it is for himself.

About Guild:
We was lost in the Line of Time,all of us have her own lifes,but we are connected for our Hobbie.We try to help each anothers and find a Answer of it.It dosnet matter if you are Beginner or Expert aslong you like to be a part of us and like that your Voice counts.Dosnet matter if your Loud,Quite Young,Old aslong you Respect the Person behind the Charakter.We are a Small Community as would like to meet ya ingame.

End words:
Happy Chrismas & Holidays,Festivals for you and your Mates.
You can write me here or ingame a message.

Best Regrats: