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Thread: Trade run questions/tips?

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    Trade run questions/tips?

    Hello upon returning to the game I have found myself at a gold stand still, I really don't know how to get charcoal and the more information I look at like the patch notes the more I don't understand.

    To get charcoal I need to turn in a larger pack into cinderstone only right? and that takes 4 packs?
    If I was to turn in a regular pack I would need 16 packs?

    Is this correct and the only way to obtain charcoal cargo pack is to go into Cinder?

    what is a Shadow Daru

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    A shadow daru is basically a merchant that you can hand your packs into when you're inside the trade outlet zone of where you want to hand it in
    They're made for ease so you aren't trying to climb a bunch of stairs and can easily just summon it on your boat.

    As for the rest I'm sorry but I don't run packs, but I'll ask guildies who will know the answer
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    Here's a small guide to the current trade system.

    Server: Conviction
    Faction: East/West

    Experience colours perception.

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