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Thread: why this game is so unbalanced in pvp?

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    Stat stacking makes this game unbalanced (being addressed in 4.5). There arent any real bottleknecks for mages and melee, in that they can stack defensive stats, while having reliable dmg, be it backstabbing, immense amounts of cc, or magic dmg.

    Theyre combatting this by allowing archers/melee to deal 40% dmg from block, and 60% dmg from parry, to prevent tank-based classes from stat stalling their opponents. Tankage has been repelled, my prayers have been answered. As for mages being bad dps compared to the other two.... Sounds like a you problem.

    Ease of dmg, yes archers have it easiest, BUT we werent killing anything respectabley tanky, even with minimal tank stats, if they knew how to play (dont stand there and take it?..) the point we archers have been constantly trying to get across, is that our burst potential and overall dps was completely overshadowed by mages.

    Sure ping is a huge factor for most players, melee, ranged, or mage, but that doesnt mean the majority suffer the same way ppl like Savitar do.

    I still agree with felinae, that mages have it the worst, when ping is the genuine issue, but otherwise mages are THE single most powerful class in the game (and effectively versitile). If your only complaint is you die alot, then you need to re-evaluate what you feel you should be doing on the battlefield.

    Are you out of position?
    Are you on the winning side?
    Does your raid have variety? (Are you the only mage, 1 of 5 mages, or a raid full of mages?)
    Are you a threat/priority target?
    Are you an EASY target?
    Do you have a pocket healer?
    So many more things I could factor in to why you do or dont die in a raid, much less out in the world alone.

    Im rockin 43% in both defenses, with 17k hp, and I fear almost no one on my server, except intent (A MAGE, along with any other mage that can at least godwhip accurately) other strong archers (cant kite 20k snipes from a class you also cant outrange) and tanks (cloth/leather/plate). In otherwords, I only fear those I know I rarely beat alone, but in a raid? Shooo im going ham on everybody.

    ^ ive named my own strengths and weaknesses, and fight with this knowledge.

    If youre on a server where you have archers/melee all up your butt, you probably shouldnt have picked a glass mage. Same if I were on a server full of tanks and dw plate drs as an archer (ive lived that life, and it was dark.)

    TL DR I will show you de whey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenki View Post
    What server are you in that there are a lot of archers? Last I saw, a lot of group pvp still revolves around glass cannon mages deleting everything while supported by CC.

    Shadowplay > Throw Dagger?

    ...Or do you mean this?

    As plate mage, you don't get a decrease reduction on the Slow effect, and damage you take will affect your cast bar way more than if you were cloth.

    Plate mage doesn't enjoy the cast time buffs that cloth gives, so it lends itself to instant-cast things like aura/occult, and sorcery with minimal use of cast time moves.
    There are ways around this. You can get earrings, a headslot lunastone, and passives which all give a powerful version of the same effect. So cloth is really just one of many viable options. But yeah if he isn't aware of this and didn't build to round out this weakness it is likely hurting him a lot.
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