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Thread: Abyssal Shards

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    Abyssal Shards


    I'm having trouble locating these shards for my mistsong stave. I have a divine thornwraith shield, the first upgrade costed 88 of these shards. The next step requires 240 for the autographed scroll . I can only find maybe 1-2 of these per group dungeon (greater howling abyss) + 7 from each daily level 35 hadir farm and burnt castle instances, I can just about solo these. However, no shards drop from here it seems.

    Are there any other methods of gathering this item? Have checked google, info is outdated since patch.

    I am level 55 mage playing on Retribution EU, and have been playing since 4.0 my gear is currently 3.3k


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    The dropchance is relatively low yes.
    Do the dailys you mentioned.
    Shards only drop from Greater Versions. So you might try to just clear in greater palace cellar the mobs prior to the first boss. Or same with greater sharpwind mines. If you find a few interested you can even fully clear greater sharpwind mines. The dungeon itself is at the beginning a few mobs rest bosses. So grab a healer and 2 DDs as a group.
    Greater Kroloal Cradle i can not recommend.
    Greater howling abyss is kind of easy. Just pay attention if someone else is looting a shard(only green drop in GHA). and loot then the same mob(everyone drops it but everyone has to loot himself/herself). With only the guildbuff for drop you should get around 5-8 shards /run(fullclear).

    Depending on the side you play at i might be able to help out a bit if needed( I am East)
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    Still helping out on Haranya side with alts if needed :P

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    Thanks for the info, I have not tried the Palace Cellar or Sharpwind. I will give that a go.

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