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Thread: some problems

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    some problems

    hey i have some problems.
    the first problem is that i cant use the chat. i probably got banned from using it but i dont know why until now i didnt use it. i can remember that in the beginning when i started to play yesterday that somehow when i pressed a button it would write the letter in the chat and i couldnt use the shortcuts so i pressed enter to be able to use the shortcuts again mybe i was banned because of that but i dont know.
    do you guys know how you can contact the gm because now im at a mission where i need to type a command in chat to progress the quest and i cant use it.
    the second problem is that in ambosscity or how its called the stockkeeper doesnt appear and in tigereye the teleportbook does not appear.
    and the third problem is that when i open a teleport portal i can klick it but cant go through it not by right klick and not by pressing f

    i would appreciate it if you could help me maybe its just a problem on my side not on the game side.

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    not sure about the rest, but you jump through portals that you open yourself. you click f at worldgates, but you jump through your own portals.

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