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Thread: Blue Salt Questline - Farm Cart

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazuki View Post
    Necropost, because you don't? You get a long, boring questline that suddenly dumps you with "build your cart"(no instructions) and the certificate(that they removed from the vendors if im not mistaken so you had to do this garbage) that used to be bought from the general store. You then have to figure out how to build the cart(plus buy all the materials from scratch) just to progress..........oh and you have to do all this just to get the better farm(I think, the game hasn't told me anything so far). All in all it is absolute horse garbage.
    How do you think people built carts before the quest in the latest patch? Also, you can still buy the certificates from vendors. Don't spread fake news.

    Unless you are building multiple wagons on the same character, or ignoring the quests, the trade off now is 1000 labor to build the farm carts instead of 25 before while they provide new characters a 50g design for free. On the wagon part of the quest, the trade off is also higher labor costs in exchange for the most costly parts of the wagon before.

    Basically the trade offs for doing the quests are

    Farm cart: 1000- 25 = 975 labor in exchange for a free 50 gold farm card design

    Farm wagon: 1000- 25 = 975 labor in exchange for free 1x high power engine and 1x cart bucket. (removed the need for new players to find thundstruck trees to craft the engine)

    This is definitely not absolute horse garbage.

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    Having finally gone through this quest-line, I will say the rewards are in fact quite generous.

    The fact that you get the Thunderstruck Trees for your Wagon, plus a full set of Dawns-drop, a cottage kit, 10,000 Alchemy Proficiency for free that is really generous.

    I will also say that the feedback on these being poorly designed quests is accurate.

    The Blue Salt Brother quests in your crafting hub are much better at explaining the whole 3 Charcoal + Stuff = Polish/Oil/Dye ETC. Those alchemy quests should have been the template for these so the player actually knows what they need to do.

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