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    Quote Originally Posted by Gadhelyn View Post

    Is there a way to see if a name is freed up *before* we blow apex / buy credits for a name change?

    Sadly I had to rename on merger
    Just try to add it to ur friends in game :3, or try to make a new char with this name, if it will allow u, then u can just delete it and change ur name.

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    If you made a new character with the name, wouldn't that mark the name as already in use?
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    Easy way is just to try to add them to your friends list.

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    Will those chars that have lost their names still be members of the guild?

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    The problem is there is no way to see how long it's been since someone has logged on. You can add them to your friends list, but that does not tell you how long they've been offline. aka their last loggin. Also, a year is quite some time. 6 months is more reasonable. Everyone has fair warning to log in characters before the 31st. If someone has not logged in for 6 months, it's safe to say they are not active. And it's been stated, they wont be deleted, just lose their name. So why not?! That way more names are freed up for those of us that actually do play.
    Secondly, you never answered the question. You just keep repeating yourself. Someone asked about those who've already changed their names in the past. Their old names stay reserved, unable to be used. Will those old names, that were changed and therefore not in use, be freed up? If nobody is using the name anymore, because a person changed their name and got rid of it - then their old names need to be freed up as well!
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