So, for those who haven't seen it yet, I made a previous post of my database + calculations on the most optimized way to craft an Erenor weapon. Patch 4.0 has rendered that database obsolete.

I am making another database specific to Patch 4.0, which will then be rendered obsolete by Patch 4.5 (XL, please, make up your mind---should I gear right now or not?). However, it could still prove useful to have such a resource for the present, since we probably won't be getting Patch 4.5 for at least 6 months.

I have already been working on the 4.0 resource for a month now, but there is plenty that is still in development. I have most of the sheets created, and am currently in the process of polishing them (tying loose ends together, such as the cost of obtaining a specific item that isn't crafted at a workbench).

Why am I posting this now if it's not complete? Well, I'm starting a Google doc that serves both as a developer diary and as documentation. You can find and comment on the document here.

I also feel that it would be most beneficial to open up the Auction House price document that I am using to make these calculations. My reasoning for this is stated in my dev diary, but I will repost it here because it is important and because, incredibly, I was told by one poster that there was "no need for 'research'" in my previous Erenor Resource thread.
Unfortunately, there is no way to pull Auction House prices directly from the game. Instead, I have to manually record every single price. This can be done----if all of the items could be found on the AH. Many prices for completed weapons and armors cannot be found because the historical data of an item (a) only lasts for two weeks and (b) can only be accessed if you either have the item in your possession or it is already listed on the Auction House. Obviously, I do not have all of the items in the game that I can use to just check their historical prices, nor can I know the price of something that sold farther back than two weeks. For this reason, I must rely on community input and the collective knowledge of all players who have had experience with pricing such items.
Furthermore, I also want to restate this from my document:
I encourage using the comments feature on my documents as well. You can comment right at the spot you have a question about and I can respond to it while I work through the document or spreadsheet. I don’t care what you post in cells not related to the rest of the database (columns D and onward to the right), but I do ask that they are not offensive. In terms of what you post in column B, please try to keep the listed prices reasonably accurate (i.e., don’t make the price of Sturdy Ingots something crazy like 1000g while other people are looking at it, and if you’re the only one looking at it then you can do it for fun but change it back afterwards). If inaccurate pricing becomes too frequent, then I will lock the document in order to preserve the accuracy and usability of the tool.
If someone decides to post something in there that is not an Auction price, then I hope it is the freshest of memes to give me a quick break from the massive amounts of math.

Here are the Profession workbooks that I am currently working on. You can have these open at the same time as the AH Price workbook and watch them to see the changes to costs (cols AH-AN) after editing the AH prices sheet.

I have more workbooks coming.
Please keep in mind that these are still in progress and I have yet to confirm that they can reliably predict any prices yet. I am posting them here in order to give you some idea as to how I plan for this Erenor Resource to be used.

Let me know any concerns you have or suggestions. I will try to answer them here and incorporate them into the documentation. My biggest question right now is: Will opening my AH spreadsheet allow for good cost estimates within the rest of the database? Try it out and let me know if you think it's a good idea! It's all experimentation and theory right now!