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    When we will get 4.5?
    Why we get "image costumes"?
    Are there planes to change the droprate from Aurorian Boxes? If there are Plans how can
    we get enough silver to open all of em?
    When comes Crosserver Arena back?
    Why is there no Archeagewiki for new Players from Trion?
    Are there Plans to interact with the community or stille hide and do nothing?
    German Gems are still in Korean when will u fix this?

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    It seems that 4.0 completely changed the way cargo is both priced for purchase as well as the way the payout values are calculated. Could you please explain how this functions now?

    Has there been any talk internally, or with XL, about changing the cargo family quest so that the charcoal system can actually function for everyone and not just those with the most alts?

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    When we get a Fresh Start Server and will it be like the Korean Fresh Startserver orchidna?

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    Can we get a recipe to convert odd number of old gale and earth fine lunarite into current versions?

    Right now if I try to convert either with less than 10 it's states I need 100 of that exact type.
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    What fresh start server news do you have for us?
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    Hello all,
    have a great new year!

    Q: is there a way to convert "old" lunagems into the materials/cost they had?

    Help about this would be apreciated,

    other questions (like everyone else),
    fireglow lunarite drop rate? --> im not grinding enough?! ^-^
    charcoal? --> what is that? -.-

    Keep up.
    (And we are waiting in EANNA for a stream)
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    Nope... seems ends in EU Evolution 1 (2018 version)
    Will go on TARIS

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    Q: Where is our compensation
    Q: How does trion plan to help existing low gear score players
    Q: How long until we get changes sooner, rather than months from now, ie: crate drop rate, obsidian crafting costs+rng costs

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    When will we get Fresh Start server?

    Yesterday, I tried to play archeage, but 1 message in faction chat in like 10 minutes made me cry.

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    The people have spoken. Glad to hear it's not just me. Enjoy the stream, I look forward to hearing about the responses to all these very relevant questions.

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    Q: Is it possible to get some of the changes in 4.5 earlier then the normal timeframe. Especially the new crafting way of Equipment
    Reason is the fault they made with 4.0 in the obsidian way. I think this could be very important for us.

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