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    hello and happy new year!
    when will we get the compensation for DDOs? we are waiting for it for quite a while now...
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    Like many students and other players that have been out of town during the holidays, doing the homecoming warrior's challenge quest has not been an option. I've been able to log in twice since Christmas eve.

    My question is when can I purchase for 1 gold an Eternal Loyalty Gear Ticket for a set of Soulforged gear instead of the homecoming warrior's gear? At least Soulforged has gems and doesn't require players to be active during Christmas break. Not asking for better than what you gave out for 3.5, just what you gave for 3.5.

    It's not too late for some aspects of 4.0 to suck less that isn't in XL's hands.

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    Has a response been received from XL in relation to the bait worm drop rate? 4.0 patch notes indicated drop rate was INCREASED, but PTS and live servers have a DECREASED drop rate.

    Tinen posted shortly after 4.0 was release:
    Bait Worm drop rates from compost have decreased when patch notes say they should have increased. This is most likely due to a discrepancy between our version and the Korean version of the game, where they previously had a much lower rate than we did. However, we will still be discussing this with the team to see if the change was intended.
    Has XL responded?
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    i hope we will get some answer :

    Metallic Auroran Crate & Lost Metallic Crate drop rate

    RIP cross arenas? O.o

    also are you gonna extend that event for kyrios medals ?:

    As an added BONUS, enjoy Double Vocation Points, Honor Points, and Kyrios Badges every weekend (Sat/Sun UTC) from now until Jan 10.

    This bonus will also be active from Dec 13 – 17 to celebrate the release of 4.0, as well as Jan 6 – 10 to end the promotion with a bang.

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    Q: Can you guys request XL to allow us to have all dailies auto-unlock? and not require us to open them at reset everyday?
    I don't know a situation where a player would not want these rewards.
    For example, today if you kill a world before re-opening the daily you don't get your guild daily reward.

    Q: The Big letter from Celestrata stated that will be getting a lot more direct communication from XL and so far we haven't heard a peep?

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