Firewrought Dragonslayer - 18k
Dark Tear Auramancy Disciple Costume - 1150g
Silverwolf Plate -
Arasha Nomad Costume - 800g
Arrogant Dualist Costume - 400g
Bloody Adorable Yata Pirate Costume - 1500g
Carefull Whisper Raiment - 2500g
Cheerberry Yata Costume -
Chimera Ceremonial Uniform (White version) -
Chimera Agent Uniform (Black version) -
Doctor Healgood -
Homecoming Ball Attire -
Ivory Wavewyrm Costume (Blue version) - 1725g
Abyssal Wavewyrm Costume (Black version)
Noble's Whimsy Costume -
Pure Sky Dynasty Robes - 575g
Royal's Disguise-
Siege Captain's Mail -
Springsong Greenman Suit x2 - 750g
Immortal Guardian's Robes - 375g
Auroran Navy Uniform -
Shadow Daru Uniform -
Victory Ball Attire x2 - 350g
Oathbound Plate - 2800g
Wedding Ball Attire - 750g
Dark Shaman's Raiment -
Evening Blossom Costume -
Firework Blossom Garb -
Tomb-Bound Wraps - 1800g
Prisoner's Pride - 1800g
Noble's Winter Coat -
Pure New Year Activewear -
Elite Shadow Daru Uniform - 880g
Blossom Perinoor Cottons - 1550g
Winter Yata Costume - 800g
Nutcracker Costume - 1000g

Can drop the price if you provide a basic costume where I can putt the image on.
These are the costume I am currently selling.
I will keep it updated. :3