The Cult of the Kraken has returned to Thunder Island and established a temple on our most sacred ancestral site. We have adorned the walls with our holy parchments, written in a ink most sublime on the flesh of creatures bred only to someday dress our hall.

We have built a place to spread our Dark Lords Truth, and even a necromantic laboratory to enchanted those forbidden ingredients we are bid to remove from the unwashed and unworthy..

We know we are frightful and fearsome, but all are welcome to come to our shores and worship the Kraken with us and learn its terrible secrets.

Starting now, We shall host weekly games and give gold and rare treasures as prizes. Huge Bloodbaths of death and hate, no rules, one single be fought by as many warriors and slayers are brave enough to venture and stand simultaneously with boat races around our noble island.
We shall also give audience members and pilgrims a chance at gold reward, with a random dice roll..each match with include each of these, and 1000 gold will be the minimum reward for each victor.

We ask you come in peace and respect others seeking the Kraken's wisdom and fortune. Beings from all over the world will come to prove their power and luck. Praise the Kraken, and you shall surely prosper and thrive!